Aol hassle and charges,

  wolfie3000 20:30 09 Aug 2008

Today i went to get a MAC from AOL only to be told i would be charged £72 for the privilege,

I wanted to go with Tiscali as they offer a free wireless router but AOL say if i go with Tiscali then they will charge me a fee.

It seems to count for nothing that iv been with AOL for many years.

I told AOL i needed wireless and that by going to Tiscali i would get a free wireless router ect... so in the end i had to compromise with the AOL staff member and they are now sending me a free wireless router and software.

I have two pc,s in the house and need both of them online asap so i guess i got what i wanted,
i know i have to be very careful in what i say about AOL but it does seem like they blackmailed me into staying with them.

i used to hold AOL in such high regard but of late my faith in them has been shaken.

Lets hope the kit comes soon and i have no problems setting it all up.

so anyone else experienced similar?

  MAT ALAN 20:53 09 Aug 2008

AOL to Tiscali, Braver man than me...

click here

Putting it in simple terms, whoever you spoke to is talkin Cobblers...the FAQs will help you might want to quote them next time you phone them...

  mrwoowoo 22:06 09 Aug 2008

I asked AOL for a MAC code a while back and there was no mention of a fee.
Can't find anything refering to a fee in AOL help and FAQ sections either.
I tried to blag a wireless router/modem from them by asking for a MAC code, as my modem wouldn't work with my new Vista pc.They just said we won't provide one,so you'll have to purchase one yourself or migrate,your choice.Charming.
I obtained a mac free of charge,but stayed with them.At least you did better than me. Lol.

  laurie53 23:03 09 Aug 2008

I don't have a reference or a link, but I don't think they're allowed to do this, unless you're finishing a contract early, of course, but since you've been with them for many years this won't apply.

I suggest you get on to OFCOM.

  ray7 17:01 10 Aug 2008

You may have been with AOL for a number of years, but during that time have you changed the conditions of your contract such as changing your tariff etc. If so, you may inadvertantly entered into a new contract which has not expired in which case a penalty may be payable. If not, you should not have to pay for a MAC code

  Forum Editor 17:34 10 Aug 2008

I'll move it over.

  RobCharles1981 18:52 10 Aug 2008

Hi wolfie3000 when I sacked AOL in April 2008 I too wasn't mentioned any cancellation charges (Thank God) even if I did I would of told them to stick it where the sun don't shine and would of headed to ofcom but I had my Mac Code free.

So with expert help from the team members of click here I joined Falconnet and in my terms it's how Broadband should be.

If I was you send that wireless router back to them, don't go to Tiscali I often read the ISP ratings on Dslzone just because it's cheap doesn't say its good, by paying a bit more for Broadband you know your getting your money's worth.

Good Luck


  ened 07:21 11 Aug 2008

In the past twelve years I have been with Freeserve,LineOne/Tiscali and now AOL.

I have found AOL to be okay.

I would never advise anybody to risk signing up for Tiscali - Life is too short!!!

  bjh 09:54 11 Aug 2008


.... and by taking out a new agreement with AOL by getting a free wireless router, the O.P. will probably be tied in for another year or eighteen months of contract.

People often don't notice (wolfie3000 I'm not saying this necessarily DID happen to you; it's a general warning to all) that often the acceptance of a "free" speed upgrade, an offer of "free weekend calls", or other gift results in a new contract. The ISPs often offer such gifts just before a general round of price cuts or performance enhancements amongst their competitors.

AOL is generally held in greater regard than Tiscali.

  FatboySlim71 23:51 11 Aug 2008

I can imagine wolfie3000 that the £72 is for the remaining amount of a contract that is still in force.

I got my MAC code from AOL about 13-14 months ago and I was not charged for it, it was the best move I have done in years.

  wolfie3000 00:15 12 Aug 2008

Well i hope all the wifi kit comes and i can get it all sorted,

it will be good to have both pc's online so i can get back to my own work.

Iv had alot of problems af late and havent had the time to get on with my own projects, lets hope i can in a weeks time.

I will keep you all updated on whats happening once i get all the kit.

Its been a stressful few weeks but the end is in sight.

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