AOL Disconnect

  siouxah1 13:03 22 Sep 2005

Have recently helped a friend restore XP instalation. Tried to re-establish AOL ADSL internet connection. Failed miserably.

On my friend querying AOL by phone they stated that they had disconnected the line as it had not been used for more than approximately two weeks or so, and that it would take a further 14 days to re-establish the connection.

The ADSL modem appears to indicate that it synchronises, is that the technical term? with the exchange.

1. Has anyone out there had this problem?
2. If so how many days has it taken AOL to reconnect?
3. Have AOL attempted to charge for the down time?
4. Anyone going on holiday should be aware that this might happen.


  pj123 13:29 22 Sep 2005

I can't believe that. If you are paying a monthly fee why should AOL care whether you are using the facility or not? I can understand it on a PAYG (dialup) connection but not BB.

  tBR 13:35 22 Sep 2005

Brian, I work for AOL & I can guaruntee there is absolutely no way that a DSL connection would be disconnected after 2 weeks inactivity, or any other length of time for that matter.
If you could outline in more details the problems that you had, I'll try and offer some advise.
which modem or router are you using, was everything working ok before you reinstalled XP? Give me as much info as you can.

  siouxah1 13:40 22 Sep 2005

Thanks tBR,
I will gather more info. The info I have at present was given by the help line. (Word of mouth to me, so cannot be guaranteed correct. Hence request for help.) The modem is BT Explorer 105 I think, but will confirm when I can contact the friend.


  siouxah1 13:42 22 Sep 2005

Quite pj123, hence my guarded language in request for help.


  tBR 13:46 22 Sep 2005

is the DSL light on the voyager lit up, lit solid not flashing? if it is it should be fairly straight forward getting back online.

  siouxah1 14:06 22 Sep 2005

yes both green lights, power and sync, on the modem are steady green. Data light unlit.

The connection worked well before the restore. I tried to reinstall the AOL software but it says that it is already installed.

Tried to remove AOL software before reinstalling but the uninstall via XP and add/remove programmes says that it cannot find any software to remove. Catch 22 ??? LOL.

The modem drivers are shown as installed on the Add/Remove progs list.

Have disabled the built in firewall.

Any further suggestions appreciated.

I might add I am not too familiar with XP.


  tBR 15:23 22 Sep 2005

well the modem is in sync, so it should be fairly straight forward.

I'm presuming here that it's Aol9 your friend is using.

If you go into the add/remove progs list & look for "Aol connectivity service", highlight this then click on 'change' or 'remove'. This will give you 2 options: 'uninstall' or 'repair'. select 'repair' & let it do what it needs to do.
When that has completed, start up Aol9 [if there's no desktop icon, it should be in the 'all programs' list] Aol9 will then start searching for a connection device. It should hopefully detect your broadband connection, ask for your username & password & off you go your all done.

If after it has finished searching for your connection device, it starts asking about phone numbers & dialling options then it hasn't detected broadband. If this happens cancel everything, close down Aol, disable your dialup modem [start->control panel->system>hardware tab->device manager->modems->right click on modem->disable] then start up the Aol software again.

If you can't find 'Aol connectivity services' in add/remove progs, then you will need to install the Aol client. This is best done using one of the ubiquitous free trial CD's as if you use the broadband Cd it will start trying to install modem drivers & can be a little confusing.


  siouxah1 16:32 22 Sep 2005

thanks for all that info, much appreciated. I have at long last got to the bottom of the problem.

AOL had in fact deactivated the account and could give no reason as to why this should be. It is not the usual sequence of events.

The problem has been resolved. I will however use your excellent information when the account is reactivated. Thanks again,


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