For AOL devotees or should that be dialbb?

  Diemmess 10:11 10 Oct 2008

Possibly just coincidence, but the day before yesterday I had a "live help" keyboard challenge with Aol in deepest India, asking when the change to magic "dialbb" would happen to me and what improvement would result.

As ever, once they knew I was NOT using an approved router, their help was neither helpful nor relevant, and I did nothing more.

Yesterday morning I switched on and had a warning that AVG had failed to update, and then total inability to reach the internet whether with AOL, IE, or Firefox.

It took all day during which I had reconfigured the router, borrowed another, tried older Acronis backups and eventually found the AOL dreaded help phone number and had a phone session.
I remembered a hint that the username would change to something with dialbb in it and persisted. After lots of silence breaks to ask other unseen boffins, I was told that my new Username was my full phone number instead of screen name
Still no joy until I clicked on a disconnected dialbb in Internet Options, and then everything worked!

This frustrating day was caused by somone pressing the right button but without telling me.

The up/down speed is poorer than before but I'll leave it a day or two to settle!

  ened 06:57 13 Oct 2008

Thay got me to change to dialbb last Tuesday and I eventually got the speed back on Wednesday.

However when I lost it all together on Saturday I was wondering if I had done the right thing in following his (Indian guy) changes to the way I log on.

Sure wish I had read this thread. Also I gave up in the end on Saturdey because I was recording speeds of 2kbps!!!

It now seems most, if not all, AOL members were affected.

  rustyboy 08:17 13 Oct 2008

I have had much the same problems with AOL myself. I've been paying £24.99 a month for a connection thats at best variable and at worst appalling. When they use the term 'upto 8mb' what im normally seeming is 2mb max. Ive spent countless hours on the phone to them and BT (apparently its BT's fault and not AOL. At least according to AOL India it is anyway). They then implement the new Dialbb address with my telephone number and what happens? nothing.
Anyway eventually i became so fed up i bit the bullet, got my magic number and changed subscriber. AOL offer me an upgraded package for £7.00 less a month but having been on the recieving end of their 'upgrades' several times over the last few years i declined. The end result being. Im now with BT for my broadband and getting much better connection speeds (4-6mb according to my little add-on) Seems strange seeing as im using the same PC and phone line. Maybe i was a victim of this 'fair use' policy as im quite a heavy user.
Having now formated my HD (in order to get rid of the huge amount of junk AOL leaves on it even after an unistall i can finally say fairwell AOL, i shall NOT be returning.

  Diemmess 09:27 13 Oct 2008

I wish I understood the moves and the jargon associated with the dialbb change.
Yes its working now but unkind me feels this is more for AOL's benefit than mine.

rustyboy may have had similar sneaky snags to those I discovered at the end.

1)Internet options: Connections, the box (Never dial a connection), had lost its tick.

2)Network connections: DialBB said disconnected until I clicked on it -
left or right, once or twice- don't remember but I was becoming desparate!

  ened 10:51 13 Oct 2008

A friend of mine has just told me he was told he'doesn't need to change to dialbb because he has a router'.

Well so do I so does that mean I have been wasting my time?

  rdave13 11:43 13 Oct 2008

I dont't have DialBB listed in 'network connections' only 'Local Area Connection'. Have a look at section 2 here; click here

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