AOL + BT + Broadband

  [DELETED] 16:51 23 Oct 2003

10:30 this morning my Broadband connection went for a walkabout and didn't come back. I phoned AOL at 11:00 and reported the fault. The help assistant talked me through a few checks, then confirmed a line fault.

She said she was reporting the fault to BT as we spoke, but to expect at least two days for the line to be checked and restored, might even be Monday before the fault would be seen to as they, [BT] normally don't work over the weekend. The young lady then said she would try to get BT to look at the line as soon as possible.

I sat back thinking, well that's it no internet for a few days, no forum! oh no!

15:00 hours and the phone rings. BT engineer here Sir, just to let you know your ADSL line is now working and will you do a connection to test.

I think that's very good service from both AOL and BT. I have emailed both companies and also phoned them to say a big thanks. j.

  [DELETED] 03:13 24 Oct 2003

Last November I decided to try out the "AOL 8 Trial".I gave AOL my credit card details when i logged on the first time.A day later I uninstalled the package and cancelled.Approx 3 weeks later I recieved a BB modem and cables.I promptly returned them and noted on my C card statement I had been debited almost £130.for modem & BB service which I did not request.I then contacted Capitol one to advise them that I had not at any time even considered entering into a contract with AOL and that their eqpt had been returned, unopened and unused.AOL agreed to send me a refund, the following month and every subsequent period untill August this year I was debited by Aol.Despite the fact that I advised Capitol one and AOL of their error,AOL continued to take monthly subscriptions from my credit card.I phoned Capitol One to cancel and they informed me it was between myself and AOL, I got passed from dept to dept at AOL with no satisfaction reach my point, even though my credit limit was only £200 I now find myself being hounded by a debt collector for almost £900 for a modem which I returned and a service I never requested nor used,I have kept all my phone bills (itemised) for the last 12 months and don't know how to get myself out of this mess.Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  Forum Editor 07:38 24 Oct 2003

It would have been better to post your problem in a new thread - otherwise Djohn is going to receive an email each time someone posts a response to your problem in his thread. For that reason I'm locking this, and I'll post a thread i Consumerwatch for you.

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