Aol broadband & wireless router

  PGI 20:30 20 Oct 2003

Has anyone had a problem getting the information from Aol to set up a new modem. I have bought a lanksys wireless router which needs an ethernet cable from the modem. When I phoned Aol, for the information, they said they don't support wireless networking. Is there any way around this, or do I have to wait until I can cancel and go to another Isp?

  accord 21:33 20 Oct 2003

click here may offer more info or give their techy support a ring in the morning

  accord 21:33 20 Oct 2003

oops should have been click here

  rober32 11:31 22 Oct 2003

AOL software will not work with a router

  PGI 18:40 22 Oct 2003

Do all others, or is it just a case of asking before signing up?

  Djohn 21:02 22 Oct 2003

Networking will work with AOL. When they say they do not support it, they mean they will not give help/advice on setting it up. Regards. j.

  rober32 11:23 23 Oct 2003

I didnt say networking wouldnt work--I said that you cannot share the connection using a route

  PGI 22:29 23 Oct 2003

I'm getting slightly confused. I was told I needed to get, I think, an ip address for the modem from AOL for the router to work, which they won't give out. So, without this how do I set up the router to work?

  Djohn 23:28 23 Oct 2003

From AOL help file.

To find out what your IP Address is, follow the instructions below:
Note: You need to be online to do this.

For Windows 95, 98 or ME
1. Click the Start button and then on Run
2. Type WINIPCFG and press the ok button
3. At the top of the window select either of the 'PPP Adaptor' entries
(If using a version of AOL prior to version 7 select either the 'AOL Adaptor' or the 'AOL Dial Up Adaptor'.)
4. The IP Address and DNS Address will be identified below the Adaptor list.

For Windows 2000 or XP
1. Click the Start button and then on Run
2. Type CMD and press ok
2. Type IPCONFIG and press the Enter key on the keyboard
4. Your IP Address will be contained in the list of information that comes up.

  PGI 10:53 28 Oct 2003

Thanks, I'll try that, once I get an ethernet modem.

  PGI 11:44 28 Oct 2003

I've checked the ip address a couple of times, when I've logged on, every time it has been different. Will this matter?

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