AOL broadband silver

  Rwstill 12:14 10 Sep 2004

Just found out that I can now receive broadband.
Looked in the archive to see if anyone as asked my question, could'nt find one.
Question is i'm on AOL and would like to know if anyone as tried thier silver plan (5 times faster)is it 5 times faster, I read somewhere in the agreement that you have to pay extra if you went to a website in another country.
I would be thankful if someone on this tariff could anwser these questions.

  pj123 13:02 10 Sep 2004

Well from what I can see there does not appear to be any restrictions at all click here

I am in fact, recommending a friend who is on AOL dialup to switch to BB with AOL.

  plsndrs3 13:39 10 Sep 2004

Yes, the downloads are faster - not sure if the are 5 times, but definitely faster. No, AOL do not operate any restrictions. I guess the only charges that might apply are if one visits 'adult' sites [or others] that require memberhip.

Just an additional £3 per month &, so far, happy with the service. Broadband was up & running within a week of being made the offer via Tech Chat.



  CurlyWhirly 17:08 10 Sep 2004

I have been on AOL Broadband Gold for nearly 18 months (ever since my exchange got upgraded to broadband last year) and I am very pleased with the service so far in fact I have just put an order in to upgrade to their Platinum service as it is only £5 more a month.

I put the order in on 6th September and I have just been informed that I will be upgraded on Monday 13th so not to long for me to wait now!

  CurlyWhirly 17:11 10 Sep 2004

p.s. I couldn't upgrade to 1 mb service as I was too far away from the exchange before 6th September.

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 20:05 10 Sep 2004

I've had mine a day and sent it back.

I didn't set it up so don't know what its like.

But my main Pc is currently at the end of a long extension lead and i wanted to scrap all that and go wireless as i also have a laptop in the house.

AOL Silver does not support routers or is able to run 2 PCs at the same time. This is only availiable on GOLD or PLATI.

Depends on your needs really.

  Rwstill 20:18 10 Sep 2004

Thanks for the replies
I think I will have a go at the silver tariff.
After all only a pound a week extra for that extra bit of speed.
Just so long as there are no hidden extras.
Thanks again.

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