AOL Broadband Blarney ?

  JIM 21:51 17 Aug 2003



Blarney "Not for me"

That is the heading in our October edition of Pcadvisor news on page 19.

Well worth a read, considering I was contacted by phone from AOL during the middle of July 03 with an offer I could not refuse.

Waiting over ten days since accepting their offer I thought it was a hoax call, even though it appeared very genuine. I had no conformation of the offer sent to me, no money was asked for so curiosity caused me to phone them up on there free help line.

After explaining the above it was confirmed to me that they were behind with orders and they had my name down for Aol broadband at a special rate. I was to wait for conformation by e-mail. Approx after an other seven days the e-mail arrived with that conformation. Great I thought I am having the first bit of luck for years. Three days later the package arrived, 5 minutes later I was up and running. Thank you very much AOL.

It was with surprise when I read the article in the October edition of PC advisor
as I could not see how there offer would not peculate to all. All I can say is that Aol stood by there word. I had no proof of on a verbal agreement or even the name of the person making the offer, so for once all ends well.

Below is a part of the e-mail of conformation I was sent.

Dear AOL Member

Thank you for ordering AOL Broadband! You can now sit back and relax while we take care of everything to get you set up with AOL Broadband. This should take approximately ten days and we will email you during the process to let you know how we are progressing with your order.

We will now arrange for your telephone line to be upgraded by our network provider to support AOL Broadband. After your line has been upgraded, in approximately ten working days, you will receive an AOL Broadband Easy-Install pack. This contains everything you need to install AOL Broadband on your computer, including an Easy-Install Guide. Just follow the steps outlined in the Guide, and you will be online with AOL Broadband in no time at all!
Your AOL Broadband Membership

Your AOL Broadband membership has a special monthly subscription fee of £19.99 for your first twelve months of your membership and £27.99 per month thereafter. Your subscription to AOL Broadband runs for a total of 12 months minimum. After this, your contract will run on a month-by-month basis.

Once your AOL Broadband Easy-Install pack has been sent you will be billed £19.99 via your existing AOL account on your next billing cycle date.

Some you win Jim.

  Djohn 22:12 17 Aug 2003

I was made the same offer Jim, and of course I accepted it. I was up and running in nine days! I have also recommended this to other forum users in the past few weeks, they all received the same deal.

I have not yet read the Oct. issue, but did notice in a PCA news article that PCA had contacted AOL, and referred readers back to my thread, saying that it must have been just one lucky reader that had received this offer.

  Djohn 22:24 17 Aug 2003

click here This is the news artcle that refers to AOL, if you also click on the "Blue" £19.99 it will take you to my thread. j.

  JIM 22:34 17 Aug 2003

Thankyou for the link.Just shows i do not travel
to far on this site these day's,or my eye sight is worse than i thought.

Goes to prove one thing,that even if the mag comes out very early,the site is upto-date. :)

  passingcloud 19:44 19 Aug 2003

After reading the article on Aol Broadband and the £19.99 per month subscription i have just sent an e-mail to Aol regarding this - so i am just waiting for a reply to see if i can recieve this kind of service- i will keep you updated on the outcome

  Djohn 04:34 20 Aug 2003

You need to phone the cancellation dept. Then they make the offer. j.

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