AOL Broadband, any current customers on here?

  donki 12:27 10 Apr 2008

Hi I am currently a very happy Pipex customer, I have a 8mb speed and since I've been with them for a number of years I have unlimited download limit.

The thing is, I fancy a PS3, for the Blu-Ray and the odd game. AOL are doing 8mb speed and a 30gig download limit. Is 30gig big enough for quite a bit of brousing, gaming and downloading? Also, what is the speed, service and AOL as a whole like?

To change would cost me just an extra £10.00 a month, so over 18 months Id have a free wireless router and PS3 for an extra £180.

What yous think?

  kingisangus 12:12 11 Apr 2008

I assume you already have an HD television? If not dont bother with the PS3, you wont see the benefit.

  Stuartli 12:54 11 Apr 2008

>>free phone calls for £9.99 per month.>>

Somewhat of a contradiction in terms, although I'm aware of what you mean...:-)

  LANDCRUISER 23:44 11 Apr 2008

hi there, i have been with aol for six years now,when i had to call them they tried to be very helpful,the only downside is it difficult sometime to understand them,im on the silver service & get 2mb speed for £14-95 per month unlimited,how did you manage to get6.2 to 7.2mb for £9.99 as i would like some of that if i can,they did offer me a increace of speed but they wanted me to sign up for 18 month that i declined

  rdave13 00:36 12 Apr 2008

Be very careful of what you really want. Tried AOL's platinum service a few years ago and managed 4 mb tops on a good day. Unfortunately was tied to a 12 months contract and reverted to silver (2mb) as soon as I could. Platinum service was then £29.99 I think. No problems with 2mb, unlimited downloads. Usually have two PC's running constantly with a third joining on-line in the evenings and speed of broadband between the three PC's is excellent.
Start a new contract and you might face a download limit.
Suggest you think it through and the 'unlimited', even with the 'fair usage policy' is really worth hanging on to. Your choice though.

  Snec 08:41 12 Apr 2008

How I managed to get that ;o)

At the time I was paying £19.99 for 2Mb when AOL started advertising 2Mb with a free router at £14.99 for new customers.

I rang to complain that new customers seemed to be offered a better deal than (longstanding) current ones and asked for my MAC code.

They immediately offered the deal I now have.

  donki 12:06 12 Apr 2008

Yup 40" 1080 in the front room :)

  Dazza40 00:27 16 Apr 2008

i recently caled AOL for my MAC and was immediately offered same silver package for 9.99 and free all day uk & national calls. As i had a router they also offered 3 months free! As i was paying 19.99 i took them up on the offer. Also told that as i will be paying less than a tenner a month that the contract can be broken without penalty due to ofcom rules?
anyone else heard of this?

  donki 10:21 16 Apr 2008

Thanks again guys, I put my old Xbox with 30games, 2 old phones and an old dvd player/ Harddirve and have now enough to buy the PS3 straight. I'll just stick with Pipex.

  RobCharles1981 11:43 16 Apr 2008

You guys are wasting your time and money with AOL, I've giving AOL their P45 and Migrating to Falconnet this Monday!!


  ened 17:16 16 Apr 2008

You still have not stated any facts about why you are disillusioned with AOL.

Just your opinion and many problems run like a thread through most isps - I'm thinking specifically about Indian Call Centres.

I just hope you are not disappointed after your move.

If you are I hope you have the bottle to come back and tell us about it!

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