AOL Broadband, any current customers on here?

  donki 12:27 10 Apr 2008

Hi I am currently a very happy Pipex customer, I have a 8mb speed and since I've been with them for a number of years I have unlimited download limit.

The thing is, I fancy a PS3, for the Blu-Ray and the odd game. AOL are doing 8mb speed and a 30gig download limit. Is 30gig big enough for quite a bit of brousing, gaming and downloading? Also, what is the speed, service and AOL as a whole like?

To change would cost me just an extra £10.00 a month, so over 18 months Id have a free wireless router and PS3 for an extra £180.

What yous think?

  RobCharles1981 12:50 10 Apr 2008

Avoid them its what I'm going to do now, I'm heading over to Falconnet where myself yourself would get far better service!!

  Stuartli 13:36 10 Apr 2008

>>"...would get far better service!!">>

How do you know that?

I would suggest TalkTalk (which also owns AOL) which, on its International3 package costing £20.50 a month, includes "up to 8MB" broadband, 40GB limit (more than enough for most people), free AnyTime UK and international phone calls (to nearly 40 countries) and line rental.

No other ISP has yet come anywhere near this level of value, but you do need a BT line.

You can have a 30 day trial if you wish. See:

click here

I've been on this package for just over two years and the financial savings alone are quite remarkable.

Broadband speeds are around 6.4MB to 7.2MB (I live 580 yards from my BT exchange as the crow flies).

  ened 17:27 10 Apr 2008

Two years ago I changed to Tiscali from Freeserve.

Out of the fryingpan........

I have been with AOL since January and have found an immediate improvement in speed (over 5meg) when Tiscali had been consistently telling me my line would not be stable above 2meg, and very often it was little quicker than dial up.

If you have any problems the telephone number is free and, although they do have a call centre in some place far away, it is also possible to talk to someone in Ireland. These people have been really helpful when I had a problem with my bill.

If it carries on like this I will only be able to offer praise to AOL.

Having said all that I went with AOL because many people in this vicinity who I know are with them and all have found them good.

Having been using the internet for twelve years I have come to the conclusion the efficiency or otherwise of your connection through your isp is very much localised.

  SB23 18:17 10 Apr 2008

I've been with them for nearly 6 years, and have had very few problems. On the occasion that I have had to ring them, the problem has been sorted straight away.
Since moving back up to the Lincs area from my many homes in Wales, lol!, I am pleased to say that my connection speed is exactly, or close too what I should be getting.
So, needless to say, another very content Aol customer, and unless they mess up big time, thats the way it will stay.


  RobCharles1981 18:33 10 Apr 2008

I'm not bothering with AOL no more, I'm now in the processes of migrating to Falconnet far better service than Dodgy AOL.

  ened 18:35 10 Apr 2008

Perhaps you would like to specify why you call it:"Dodgy AOL"

  Stuartli 19:46 10 Apr 2008

..along with my question..:-)

  RobCharles1981 20:06 10 Apr 2008

Well Since the Take Over from Carphone Warehouse I noticed that the network was becoming slower and abit naff. So I just threw the towel in and called quits.

So I wanted something that was going to provide far better value for money and highly recommended for support so I chose Falconnet, FatboySlim71 did the same but hes with Zen. So in the end here I think I've done the best choice in ages.

  rdave13 20:30 10 Apr 2008

Have had good service off AOL in general over the years and still satisfied with them even after the take-over. No doubt that for every 'pro' post you'll get negative ones.

  SB23 20:31 10 Apr 2008

When I spoke to Aol on behalf of a neighbour 5-6 weeks ago, the problems that some people were getting, (so I was told) were due to upgrades to their system that they were implementing.

She said that within 24-48 hours all would be well again, and I said that by the time I had sorted their pc that would be fine, and it was.

Funny thing is I live 2 doors away but never had any problems.

Thats why I like Aol, you have a problem, you ask for help, they help, and irespective of where they are in the world, they are always polite. That to me is important, and one of the reasons I've stayed with them.

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