Philip2 20:56 25 Aug 2003

Any comment on AOL Broadband service??

  Djohn 22:09 25 Aug 2003

Well i've been with them for a month now, and very happy with all aspects from signing up, through connection and use of service so far.

I up-graded from dial-up, the procedure was simple/straight forward, up and running in 6 minutes keeping all my settings/passwords, and email addresses'. I would think that all the above could be said for any ISP though.

There are quite a few forum users with AOL and Broadband, and as far as I know, they are pleased with the service as well. If there is anything more specific I can help with, post back, or contact me direct. Regards. j.

  Philip2 22:21 25 Aug 2003

Many thanks for your responce.

  bubbles2 22:26 25 Aug 2003

I have been a very happy AOL dial up customer for over 3 years and recently looked into moving onto AOL BB - only problem for me was that AOL don`t support networking which was a major issue for me and a great shame especially as the £19.99 offer was great value for me.
If it wasn`t for the networking problem then I would without doubt stay with them as they are very family friendly and easy to use.

  Djohn 22:29 25 Aug 2003

It does work with AOL!! They don't support it just means they won't help with any set-up issues.

  bubbles2 22:57 25 Aug 2003


this is a response I got recently regarding AOL and networking,a theme that was echoed on numerous occasions and the reason I cancelled my order with AOL BB

"All sounds perfectly possible except for one minor factor - your choice of ISP. AOL & networking are two things that just don't go together. The proprietory AOL software on the machine that does the connecting has a major efffect on the TCP/IP network settings. Do yourself a favour and use any other ISP apart from AOL and what you want to achieve will be relatively straightforward. With AOL its just not."

  Djohn 23:13 25 Aug 2003

click here and follow Mango's link for the software to network AOL. Regards. j.

  bubbles2 23:31 25 Aug 2003


I stand corrected - although I have had much advice telling me that it was more hassle than it was worth.

  Djohn 23:42 25 Aug 2003

No problem at all, it has long been thought that you could not network with AOL. I think this rumour probably started when people would call into the help-lines and receive the standard response, "Sorry, we do not support networking".

Well that is correct, they don't offer help with it, but you can network, just need to configure the settings yourself. But as Mango mentions in his post, I too have heard that AOL will shortly be releasing their own equipment, then they will officially support networking. j.

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