AOL 256 Broadband

  deep-joy 09:19 28 Nov 2004


Anyone using this "Silver" broadband? If so how does it compare to the old dialup?


  TomJerry 12:47 28 Nov 2004

I have no experience with this service.

As a general principle, there is no comparision between dial up with broadband (even half speed one). With BB, you can use phone and internet at the same time, much much faster.

If you are not heavy downloader or on-line gamer, this service will be fine.

However, there are better values elsewhere at this price.

  Neutered 14:36 28 Nov 2004

Have just installed BB 1Mbps from Supanet. Cost = £22.99 per month, AOL = £29.99 per month.

Shop around, you may get a better deal.

  deep-joy 20:03 28 Nov 2004

thanks for the help

  chotto yakuza 20:29 28 Nov 2004

aol has problems with its call centers ,they are too rigid in their responses. i crashed my pc installing bb, they were no help!rgds chotto yakuza.

  ste_bla 21:24 28 Nov 2004

Had silver upgraded to gold as wanted faster. They helped install my router and no problems. Also okay you might be on the phone to call center for long time but its an 0800 number i doubt anyother company has a freephone number from 8am to 10pm 7 days!

  plsndrs3 11:16 29 Nov 2004

I upgraded to this for my son's PC from dial up a while ago and, yes, I realise that there are cheaper alternatives out there.

However, as ste_bla points out, the freephone helpline and the way that each user has their own account suits me fine. Also, there are the inbuilt blocks on altering certain PC settings, the fact I can track their web access if I felt it necessary, no limits on downloads and - I believe - the overall package is worthwhile.

It definitely loads web pages faster, my son downloads files faster and we can use our phone at the same time. Might not be acceptable to some on this forum, but I consider it as cheap as chips!



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