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Anyone using IE8 RC1?

  anskyber 11:56 27 Jan 2009

Looks fine so far. Oddly it would not complete the download in IE7 after three tries. It just hung at the 1 second to go and verifying. It came down perfectly in Google Chrome.

The only tweak I had was to update my Windows Live sign in plug in and all was well. This site (PCA) was flaky in 8 so I am running it in Compatibility Mode which is easily done from an icon to the right of the address bar.

I cannot find any UK based sites with Web slices but I have one running from to check them out. It's necessary to get the add ons to make some of the features work. So far 8 seems faster than 7.

  anskyber 12:13 27 Jan 2009

The release notes are useful click here it mentions areas to look out for such as making sure you have an up to date Google toolbar if you have one. (I do not)

  Al94 22:10 27 Jan 2009

Had to run this site in compatability mode, otherwise seems OK so far, dont see much difference is speed.

  AlanHo 22:17 27 Jan 2009

To remove favorites bar - right click in the bar and untick it when the small window opens.

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