Anyone used UKTechStore for software ?

  CodeMeister 19:48 24 Dec 2008

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone ever used click here for buying software and if so, what was your experience ?

They seem to offer software at extremely competitive prices, but I get a security warning every time I view one of their product pages.

  Graphik55 20:23 24 Dec 2008

I've been making my purchases from click here. I've bought graphic software (Adobe Photoshop CS3) and recently some Microsoft software. All was delivered within few days and all software came as described, all genuine. They got some really competitive prices and solid customer service so Im happy to buy from them as required. Btw, they have been rated high.

Hope this helps.

Site: click here

  spuds 23:49 24 Dec 2008

A look at the trading terms and conditions plus hours of possible telephone contact or work hours might be worth considering.

Whatever you decide, make sure that you have security and protection via a credit card arrangement.Do not deal in cash or debit card.

On a point of curiosity, I wonder why Graphik55 had to give three name references to this company, plus a rated high glowing testimony!.

  CodeMeister 11:01 25 Dec 2008

Thanks to everyone who has so far replied.

Yes, I noticed the Canadian reference, but the most unnerving thing is the browser security warning that appears within every product page.

I'd be interested to know whether Graphik55 was at all concerned by the browser security warnings.

  Graphik55 13:26 25 Dec 2008

I knew this would happen...

CodeMeister you asked a question and I answered with giving you my experience at Uktechstore. ALL OTHER POSTINGS ARE UNFOUNDED, and its like you guys are scrutinizing the store and my comment because you think you know better, fact is you DONT.

Here's the fact:

I had some concerns but I called them, they answered all questions, were extremely polite and so I made my purchase and each time I have gotten my order delivered faster than most companies Ive purchased from within the UK so I'm happy, THAT SIMPLE.

And crossbow7, i would not have cared if you wrote about the store but then dont question my comment! You could be their competitor trying to discredit them anyway possible.

I'm being honest about my purchase as this is what this posting is about, directed towards those who have bought, and if my testimony isnt good enough, i've also found this, click here

Last, for the sake of Christmas and holiday season please do not turn this thread into a shooting gallery as this seems to be the nature of threads today filled with know it alls.

Merry XMAS!

  CodeMeister 13:42 25 Dec 2008

Hi Graphik55 and Merry christmas to you.

I wasn't doubting your word at all and on the contrary, I was very grateful for your reply. I only wondered if you were at all put off by the browser security warnings that I receive when visiting every one of their product pages.

Happy holidays

  GaT7 20:36 03 Jan 2009

I posted some facts of the company that weren't easily apparent. You, on the other hand, were not only trying to 'disguise' these (being silent about crucial info), but you also appeared to be singing their praises a little too much.

"And crossbow7, i would not have cared if you wrote about the store but then dont question my comment!" - It's called debate, disagreement & the right to voice one's own opinion. Grow up & try not to be so sensitive - it's part of life.

"You could be their competitor trying to discredit them anyway possible." - hmm, fair thought. Well I'm not, but in similar vein you could be a rep/owner of the store. And by making such a statement, isn't it like 'the pot calling the kettle black'?

In case you hadn't realised, one of the reasons for the Consumerwatch forum is also to inform people of possible malpractice, fraud, etc. In addition, anyone is free to post in any thread with anything that's even vaguely relevant to the topic. I feel my info was very relevant though, I must admit, not specifically answering the OP's queries. However, such responses aren't out of the ordinary, & happens all the time, here (PCA) & in other discussions/forums on the web as well. My advice would be to live with it. Or, if not satisfied/offended by a particular post, report it to the respective Forum Editor/Moderator.

Finally, I cannot understand why you have to defend a company/your views so vehemently? Or, even resort to thinly-veiled personal insults to put down another post just because it doesn't fit in with your view point, or definition of a 'perfect' response.

Btw, when asked, I post similar info in other forums about websites who're offering goods with prices that seem too good to be true. Members thank me for the details & the trouble I took to post, as it could mean the difference between getting defrauded & keeping safe :-), G

  CodeMeister 22:34 04 Jan 2009

Well said Crossbow7. The internet would probably be much safer with more people like you that actively alert folks to potential fraud.

  GaT7 01:05 05 Jan 2009

Well, I'm glad it helped in some way CodeMeister :-). Didn't mean to cause any offence or anything - I hope Graphik55 can see it that way too.

Btw, this post made no. 9 in a Google search for - wait for it - 'miscrepancies'! There's really no such word - I meant 'discrepancies' of course!

But it was pipped to the search for 'Uktechstore' - by two places at no. 7 ;-), G

  david9999 13:53 13 Mar 2009

Maybe Crossbow7 should have read this....

Libellous or defamatory comment - please do not exhort others to boycott a company that provided you with bad service or products. Your own bad experience does not necessarily mean that all forum members should be encouraged to avoid buying from a particular company, and we will routinely delete any threads or posts which
contain that kind of comment. By all means post details of bad customer service or products, but do not make statements that you cannot substantiate, or state as fact something which is in reality your personal opinion."XYZ Computers Ltd deliberately took my money and ran" may well be your opinion, but unless you can produce evidence to show that the company intended to take your money and run an action for libel would almost certainly succeed. As publishers of the magazine and the website we may be jointly liable with you in such an action, and we aren't prepared to take such risks. We will delete any comment that is, in our opinion,potentially libellous or defamatory. The Forum Editor's decision in such cases is final, and we will not enter into online discussions about deleted comments or threads.

  Nick B 10:52 16 Dec 2009

I'm not suggesting that UkTechStore is like another company I tried for cut-price software, but I feel it's strange that their free telephone number is only open from midday till eight.

I tried phoning it several times yesterday with no success. Between noon and one, when it should have been open, I was told the office was closed and thereafter, the phone just rang and rang before disconnecting.

I appreciate the reticence of others to use these companies, especially when you read the FAQ's on Adobe products. There seems to be something not quite right about them.

I do not wish to cast aspersions, but when one is about to spend over £1000 on software, getting it and ensuring it is the real deal is paramount. I know it's a cop out, but I for one will be making my purchase from Amazon.

If it looks too good to be true, it usually is, if you'll pardon my cynicism.

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