Anyone used Power Computing? (

  Steve_2006 20:33 09 Jul 2006

Has anyone used Power Computing Ltd. ( before? I am thinking of ordering a PC from them but have found it difficult to find any reviews of them. The price looks ok. I usually put together PC components myself, but so much needs to be changed this time that I think I will let someone else put it together for me. I saw a good review of them on here, but it dates from last year so was wondering if anyone had any recent experiences.


  tony58 19:17 10 Jul 2006

there after sales is good ,the owners are at the end of the phone most days or in the shop .worth a visit if you can get to kempston .

  Steve_2006 20:32 12 Jul 2006

Thanks for the reply, think I may give them a try.

  terryf 05:19 26 Nov 2006

Steve_2006, did you try? what was the result please

  Steve_2006 21:18 26 Nov 2006

I did order a PC from them and I have had no problems at all. All the software was well installed and everything has worked OK. I haven't had any oportunity to test the after sales as there has been nothing wrong with the PC at all. When I bought it the price seemed pretty good, hardly any more expensive than actually buying the components myself. When I got it, I thought the case seemed a little flimsy but this was the only time that I hadn't chosen the case myself as the last computers I had I built from scratch. That is probably being a bit picky though! As I bought the operating system as well, it was all pre-installed and it was simply a matter of plugging it it, no problems at all. The computer seems well built, the software was installed fine and I have not had any probems at all so far so I am pretty pleased.

Hope this is of help,


  terryf 01:08 27 Nov 2006

Thank you for your reply, their pre-sales is good, I sent an email today (Sunday) and got a reply within a couple of hours. I am going to order a bundle from them which is about the same price as one from Novatech but has an extra Gig of DDR2 667 RAM and has a mobo which has good reviews. I will keep this thread updated when I get my bundle installed and operational.

  lexxy_703 22:35 17 Jan 2007

i'm looking for a new base unit to replace my ancient 8 year old gateway & have found a couple of models i'm interested in at power computing.

just thought i'd bump this to get any recent feedback regarding them, after-sales etc?

thanks for any comments.

  terryf 02:42 18 Jan 2007

Yes everything worked as stated on the tin, I was pleased with the bundle I got and it works fine, they responded very quickly when I made an enquiry about RAM and offered to exchange the RAM they had supplied if I had problems matching with some more they supplied to me. However, my son swears by click here& he buys for his own business and says that price and quality are good

  Tick Tock 3 17:29 19 Jan 2007

I bought a PC from them and when one stick of memory failed they sent replacement 2 days later,and always replyed to e-mails quick time.

  lexxy_703 16:56 20 Jan 2007

i sent them an email on Weds 17.01.07 just asking for a bit of advice, still not had a reply...

all i can find is good feedback BUT if they won't/can't reply to me personally, puts me off a bit.

  lexxy_703 15:47 24 Jan 2007

i finally got a reply from Tom at Power yesterday. he apologised for the delay but my original email had got put into spam by mistake. he provided all the info i asked for.

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