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Anyone used

  Jameslayer 23:03 17 Nov 2011

Hi my mate just ordered a 2k pc from them wondered if anyone has used them before?

  spuds 11:06 23 Nov 2011

At once upon a time 'stress testing' was taken into consideration as an added bonus when a computer (usually expensive one) was being considered or purchased. And perhaps more akin to the old days, than now?.

But it then became apparent, that 'stress testing' was just a practice of turning on the machine and leaving it on all day (if at all?), in the hope that something didn't fail. The failure of most computers is perhaps well known nowadays, and its a case of the item will or will not fail possibly some time in its life, whether that is in a few hours, years or never. Compatibility or configuration of parts is a different matter, but that as become more easier over the past years, with the increase of 'better technology'!.

There are a number of diagnostic or 'stress' tests that can be downloaded from the internet, and some of these are provided from manufacturer's or perhaps from eBay as 'Technicians Tools'.

  Jameslayer 12:40 30 Nov 2011

well it went back turns out the mobo had failed. Was redelivered yesterday, Well seems the case was damaged in transit. Strangly enugh the pc is suffering from exctly the same faults that it had before.

My mates determined that he will have this PC. They promised him early collection and that it will be dealt with straightaway as it was damaged in transit. My advice tell them you have no interest in a pc that has arrived broken twice and that they should send you a new one out which can be delivered when they collect the broken one.

  T0SH 12:39 01 Dec 2011

[email protected]

It was very clearly stated as an Intel new CPU startup message, as far as the motherboard goes it was not new and had been in use for some time with a slower speed Intel CPU and lastly no it never did overclock

Cheers HC

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