Anyone used

  Jameslayer 23:03 17 Nov 2011

Hi my mate just ordered a 2k pc from them wondered if anyone has used them before?

  carver 09:18 18 Nov 2011

I've used them for buying components and up till now service has been first rate, even faulty stuff has been dealt with very good service and very quick turnaround.

  spuds 09:32 18 Nov 2011

Haven't used them myself, but they use to have some good reports on this forum. You don't seem to see them mentioned much on the forum nowadays though.

Tried to do a forum search, using the search box, but ended up with the Microsoft advert?.

  T0SH 17:04 18 Nov 2011

I used them once a very long time back when the first appeared on the internet, I paid a premium price for an Intel pentium processor which was said to be tested and guaranteed to be overclockable, it came in a box with the seal broken but when fitted into the motherboard and booted up it opened with an Intel splash screen announcing something like "Welcome to the first bootup of your new Intel processor"

So I have never used them again

Cheers HC

  Jameslayer 20:00 18 Nov 2011

Cheers. Must be nice to have over 2k to splash on a new pc.

  Jameslayer 16:40 19 Nov 2011

Dve that makes sense.

His PC came today like he paid for. But they havnt fitted his graphic cards. He seems to have all the boxes and paperwork he should have. I have left him in his room fitting the graphic cards wiill let you all know how it goes.

  Jameslayer 16:44 19 Nov 2011 link to the comp he bought. He has opted for 2 580s.

  Jameslayer 20:23 19 Nov 2011

well update after ,iuch faffing the 2 graphic cards are in. thnen after more faffing got pc to get past the splash screen. To find cd drive doenst open.

  RobCharles1981 20:50 19 Nov 2011

Check inside the case to see if the Power Cables are connected ?

  rdave13 23:34 19 Nov 2011


Spending that amount of money on a PC and having to faff around would make me contact customer services straight away and politely complain about their 'poor' product.

  Jameslayer 12:44 20 Nov 2011

rdave13 my advice was put it all in the box and ring customer service when their open.

It was a cable. that had come loose. CD know working.

I was rereading their procudt description and it says - 8 Hours stressed tested and quality controlled

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