Anyone used Bidfella penny auctions?

  andme2 16:08 11 Jan 2010

Would like to give a try to Dubai vacation auction at Bidfella click here - seems exciting enough, but... haven`t heard much about them, has anyone used? Any reviews?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:36 11 Jan 2010

It would be uncharitable to call penny auctions a con for the stupid and unwary but they are very near it. All you are doing is randomly gambling and you could/will lose a lot of money. You would be better trotting off to Joe Corals and choosing one nag from ten. click here


  GaT7 16:49 11 Jan 2010

I agree with the other G.

In addition, any site claiming to be UK-based but not in reality click here, hiding behind a PO Box address click here with no landline telephone number is grounds enough to stay well clear. G

  andme2 17:00 11 Jan 2010

Understood.. but... I`ve found address and landline phone number in 3 seconds using Google search click here' :)

  GaT7 17:18 11 Jan 2010

Why aren't those details on the site itself, & why are they sharing identical details (address + phone) with a ceramic tiles company click here? click here shows details at Domaintools with all the relevant details matching.

The plot thickens...G

  andme2 18:27 11 Jan 2010

Contacts are the same, but company number is different... Ok, maybe they are sharing building and phone, I can`t actually see anything bad in such fact itself. They seem to have managers names and faces on site, are registered UK company and available. If anybody has tried and good or bad experiences with them, pls post ... I really want that Dubai :D

  Forum Editor 18:45 11 Jan 2010

Yes, and so do thousands of others, all of whom have paid for the privilege of placing bids.

The thinking behind this scheme is pretty simple - it's based on a knowledge of human nature; you are bidding for a fabulous holiday, and each time you bid you are just beaten to it by someone else. Your money runs out, so you buy some more bids, and so on - after all, you're bidding for a very expensive holiday.

The auction company makes a mint, and one lucky person gets a holiday, but not until lots of unlucky people have spent considerable sums, for which they receive absolutely nothing.

Approach schemes like this with extreme caution - the chances of you winning a huge prize for next to nothing are incredibly remote.

  MAJ 18:53 11 Jan 2010

The web is already full of confused people, don't add to the number. May I ask what age you are?

  iscanut 19:12 12 Jan 2010

Go ahead and then come back and let us know how you got on and how much you wasted !!!

  MAT ALAN 15:23 13 Jan 2010


  tullie 15:35 13 Jan 2010

People actually fall for rubbish like this.

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