Anyone used ?

  wint 21:06 04 Feb 2003

Good evening.

I need a new battery for my Dell Latitude. (click here) have some good prices (£20 or £30 less than the competition). Anyone used them?



  wint 21:07 04 Feb 2003

I should have added, or got any good alternatives.....


  Stuartli 00:11 05 Feb 2003

One that's been recommended in the past has been - very keen prices.

  Stuartli 00:12 05 Feb 2003


Can't remember if they do laptop batteries; sure they did digital camera types from memory.

  wint 15:27 05 Feb 2003

Thanks Stuartli. The link won't load fully. There is a "click here" with a broken link. Google search leads to a diamond ring vendor.

  Tenner 17:53 05 Feb 2003

Try click here or go via Links ( at top of page ) > shopping , and it's about 5th down.

Have just tried and it connected first time. If you cannot find what you want, phone them. Excellent service, that's why I originally posted it.

No connection with firm.

Hope your problem is soon resolved


  Stuartli 18:31 05 Feb 2003

I did the URL from memory - sorry if I got it wrong...:-(

  wint 19:12 05 Feb 2003

That one worked thanks (battery as opposed to batteries). Looks good for photo & watches but no laptops. I will try & let you know.

  Belatucadrus 20:03 05 Feb 2003

Try Absolute Battery click here good service and good prices.

  keith 21:54 05 Feb 2003

I have found click here very good.

  bigdamouk 04:11 06 Feb 2003

why not try click here or both good

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