Anyone use Plusnet as their ISP?

  BigMoFoT 10:04 10 May 2005

Thinking of switching to them - are they any good?

  Maverick81 11:13 10 May 2005

I have heard they are pretty good from a friend of mine.

Thinking of signing up to them myself


  jimv7 11:26 10 May 2005

Very good and price of £14.99 for 2mb broadband not bad either.

  Rigga 11:34 10 May 2005

I use them, and very good service and speeds so far, am awaiting my free upgrade to 2mb.


  TomJerry 11:43 10 May 2005


  krypt1c 13:23 10 May 2005

Thumbs up from me as well. Never had any connection problems (touch wood)

  selfbuild 19:28 11 May 2005

Had no trouble in the two years i've been with them......

  parauk 22:17 11 May 2005

I have been with them two years with out any problems. i pay £14.99 for 2 mb speed

  [email protected] 23:21 11 May 2005

I'm probably changing providers next month & Plusnet do seem good value.

Is the only difference between their "Plus" & "Premier" options the contention rate as neither appear to have any download limits?

  Rigga 11:27 12 May 2005

There are no limits to downloads on either product, although there are talks of throttling excessive use on their forums.

With Plus, P2P applications are throttled during busy times, and you can't have a static IP. There's also some other web differences.

Check out the comparison here > click here <

BTW. If either BigMoFoT or [email protected], do join, and want to become referrals of mine, then I'd be eternally grateful. My username is RCCLTD.

Cheeky I know, but then if you don't ask you don't get :)


  [email protected] 23:36 12 May 2005

Cheers Rigga

I'll probably be changing ISP's next month & will bear you in mind if I go with Plusnet.

Would there much of a difference in practice between a 50:1 & a 30:1 contention rate & is it worth the extra £7 per month (nearly 50% more) for the difference?

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