anyone tried to buy a 100watt light bulb recently

  sunnystaines 16:21 19 Mar 2010

the supermarkets no longer seem to stock them quoting environmental reasons

  onthelimit 16:39 19 Mar 2010

Where have you been, sunny? All filament bulbs will be gone soon - they started with the highest wattage first. We'll be stuck with 'green' ones before long.

  961 17:10 19 Mar 2010

100 watt bulbs disappeared on 1st Sept 2009, and 60 watt jobs will go this year

You can still find some 60w around and the odd 100w but if you want some you'll need to get cracking

  sunnystaines 17:12 19 Mar 2010

what will people use in table lamps then?

the 100watt new style things are not bright but more intense glare and dim after a few weeks.

also the glare from these new style lights in the ceiling lights seems to affect my headaches more than normal light bulbs, hard to explain must be a different type of light.

  PalaeoBill 17:19 19 Mar 2010

I can recommend Lyco:
click here

I would like to use low energy replacements for 100 watt GLS bulbs but I cannot find anything physically small enough to go into the globe light fittings that we have in the house. The low energy 20 watt mini spirals that claim to be 100 watt GLS equivalents just about fit but they in no way put out as much light.
I bought up a supply from Lyco that should last me a while. I suppose I will have to replace the light fittings eventually.

I love the evironmental argument. The GLS bulbs are recyclable. Our council still hasn't made any provision for safe disposal of the low energy bulbs (which are not recyclable, contain mercury and the inside coating of the glass is toxic).

  sunnystaines 17:24 19 Mar 2010

thanks for that link, hat is going to be ideal

  Graham. 23:32 19 Mar 2010

No hats, but I use these click here bulbs.

  Proclaimer 00:21 20 Mar 2010

local hardware store here has 100w bulbs on the shelf

  peugeot man 04:57 20 Mar 2010

Small independent hardware shops are the ones most likely to have old stock.

Many people would probably disagree with me but I like the low energy lamps.

I did a check with one of those energy monitors and with every light in my house switched on I was using 1.5kw just on lighting.

Having replaced every halogen and old style bulb the same test shows less than 300w.

  morddwyd 08:03 20 Mar 2010

"The low energy 20 watt mini spirals that claim to be 100 watt GLS equivalents just about fit but they in no way put out as much light."

Then use a 25 watt.

I find them more than adequate.

Much above this and you're looking at a 2d fitting anyway.

  BT 08:17 20 Mar 2010

Amazon have lots of light bulbs listed including bulk packs of 100w GLS lamps click here

Like 'peugeot man' I have been using Low Energy lamps for years, especially in places where they are on for long periods. I have a 25w spiral in my standard lamp and 20w in table lamps. If you use them in normal shaded fittings there's little difference in the light and its something you get accustomed to. I have even replaced the expensive cooker hood lamps, which seem to last no time at all, with SES 9w low energy lamps (Tescos) which fit OK and give just as good a light.

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