Anyone thought about a DVD magazine

  siliconbits 22:01 02 Mar 2004

Would it be a selling point, having your whole magazine (including adverts) in a convenient PDF format a la PC Plus to be or bought, instead of the thousands of pages annually (not mentionning the cost to trees and forests). Personnally, 1 would not spit on an offer like 24 DVDs year for 24 pounds, no paper magazine...

What you think?

  carver 22:22 02 Mar 2004

Try reading a DVD in a doctors waiting room or how about sat on a loo, it's also been proven that people absorb more information if it is in printed form.

  Jester2K 22:28 02 Mar 2004

"sat on a loo" & "absorb" - priceless...

Or on a plane, train, back of a car, in front of the TV whilst Missus watches soaps.

And with a magazine i can take it in the bath, the garden and throw it on the floor and not worry about scratches etc

and its recyclable...

  Forum Editor 22:33 02 Mar 2004

you don't need to buy any hardware to read a printed magazine - you already have it installed.

  siliconbits 22:50 02 Mar 2004

I hope you get my point... Just like having a magazine with or without DVD, it would make sense to have a paper and a digital version of the magazine. The later one could offer so much more; just stretch your imagination. The LOO thing is pretty convincing though ;-)

  Jester2K 22:52 02 Mar 2004

Well PCA do a CD with PDF versions of their back catalogue - usually get one free with my subscriptions...

  Jester2K 23:03 02 Mar 2004

Also mag don't have batteries..... and your not likely to get mugged for a mag either...

  siliconbits 23:22 02 Mar 2004

Does anyone believe in a DVD-format magazine out there? Come on, wouldn't anyone be interested in a 2 year subscription to PCadvisor with a free DVDROM player for 25 quids? At £9 a pop for the DVDROM and £8 for the 24 DVDs (around 100 Gigs of space mind u)... This would probably be a buyer...

  siliconbits 23:23 02 Mar 2004

"sat on a loo" & "absorb" = Advert for virgin's text service.... Use your thumb for something useful ;-)

  Jester2K 07:34 03 Mar 2004

Where exactly are you getting your pricing from?

  mole44 07:58 03 Mar 2004

mmm,well i still got some mags that were for my specrum that came on cassette.

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