anyone with a samsung note

  sunnystaines 08:40 04 Apr 2012

my htc desire contract ends in the summer, will not get another htc and thinking about the samsung note, it seems like a larger ver of the samsung galaxy 11.

anyone got one can give feedback please,

looking to have "3" network,android, [looked at windows phone software its dreadful] and have the wifi tethering option so i can use it with my netbook for the net.

  morddwyd 09:32 04 Apr 2012

I've had one for about a month (upgrade from a Galaxy S).

It's a bit of cross between a larger Galaxy S and a smaller Galaxy 7" tablet.

I got it mainly because the larger screen helps with my eyesight problems.

So far I am happy with it, though I'd prefer to see it with the latest o/s version. It comes with Gingerbread, but I assume an upgrade will be available soon.

Sorry I can't offer much in the way of a practical review, but it's early days, and as I said, I'm happy with it. It still fits in the average shirt pocket!

If there's anything specific post again and I'll try to answer.

  sunnystaines 09:48 04 Apr 2012


thanks for the reply, a user feedback is so much better than the mag reviews where someone plays with it for half a hour then writes a review.

have you found any protective case that fits its size, i like those new bubble wrap style cases but not seen any large ones.

  sunnystaines 10:14 04 Apr 2012


a software upgrade due Q2 2012 called ice cream not sure why it has such a daft name.

do you have a use for the stylus pen?

  morddwyd 14:58 04 Apr 2012

Upgrade is actually called Ice Cream sandwich, even dafter.

It appears they are in alphabetical order - Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, ICS!

The case I use is this one

I do use the stylus sometimes. My fingers are more suited to planting potatoes than touch screens, and even with a larger keyboard, if I'm doing than just pecking out a shopping list or similar I use the stylus.

However, you don't really need it for everyday use, as the screen is very responsive. It's very unobtrusive and it just sits there.

  sunnystaines 15:46 04 Apr 2012


thanks might get one when the time comes, what sort of contract did you get, they all seem like 2 yrs down this way, and prices per month vary quiet a lot between suppliers.

  morddwyd 20:52 04 Apr 2012

I don't use the phone enough to justify a contract, particularly when most of the networks pre-load with lots of useless apps, and modify the o/s so that you have to wait for updates.

I saved my pennies (and my Christmas money!) and went PAYG.

  sunnystaines 10:00 05 Apr 2012


good point. my htc has social network ones like facebook etc is there away to delete them.

  morddwyd 22:05 05 Apr 2012

Not that I have found, but you can have a look at the user manual here

  sunnystaines 10:01 06 Apr 2012


  sunnystaines 14:18 07 Apr 2012


done a tour of the stores today now set on the "note" one point i like is an option to block phone a number. But what is strange is that both phones4u and carphonewarehouse will not give a contract with "3" no idea why my present carphone htc desire is with "3"

went into the "3" store they were by far the most helpful even gave us one to play around instore with and had no problem with questions and showing off the functions. But now block tethering wifi unless you go for the £38 a month option which i think is a bit expensive or pay an extra monthly £5 charge.

got two months to go so h0pe prices drop and the other shops sort out contracts.

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