anyone recommend a cruise a good cruise forum

  sunnystaines 13:49 27 Jun 2010

not the gay cruising but cruising on ships.

the wife wants miss holidays for a while and go on a world cruise, but got quiet a few questions to ask.

google shows loads of forums but looking for a recommended one like pca is to computers.

anyone done anything like this.

only ever done a river cruise along the river danube.

  Forum Editor 14:04 27 Jun 2010

It was enough to convince me that cruising wasn't for us, and we haven't repeated the experience.

Take a look at this: click here

  sunnystaines 16:04 27 Jun 2010

thanks that looks a good one.

  Al94 18:16 27 Jun 2010

Here's another one click here

  birdface 19:18 27 Jun 2010

I was in Melton Mowbray and noticed two sailing holidays one for £400 and one for £500 odd £s.
And underneath them was a caravan in Skegness for the end of July for the week for £690.
I just thought the price for the caravan was a bit unrealistic.
But then again I have never been on Holiday so not sure about prices for the Uk.

  chub_tor 19:19 27 Jun 2010

We went on our first cruise ever in January 2009 - Around the World in 82 nights on board the Oriana and contrary to the FE's experience we are desperate to do it again. Before we traveled we used both the links that have been suggested to find out which cabin to choose, how the tipping worked, how much money we needed etc.

The one tip out of all of those that I would pass on is to select a dining table holding 8 guests, that way there is always at least one couple you will like. We heard complaints from several couples who had either selected a table for two and who complained they were starved of conversation or who selected a table for four and had nothing in common with the other couple and then had difficulty in getting their table changed.

We may have been lucky but the whole table got on well and we have made friends for life. First or second sitting is another personal choice, we selected first as we are not night birds and liked to see the early evening entertainment and wanted to blog each night to our friends. But we did miss out on a number of the sail-away-parties as we were eating when they occurred.

If you want to bore yourself have a look at our blog click here where you can follow our holiday from start to finish including some of the mistakes we made along the way.

  Forum Editor 19:36 27 Jun 2010

that there's anything inherently wrong with cruising - I know it's an incredibly popular way of taking a holiday.

It just wasn't our cup of tea - we didn't particularly enjoy the fact that, although we visited various islands, we felt as if we were moving in a different world to the people who lived there, and we prefer to experience these places by staying in them, and by getting out and about.

We didn't enjoy the fact that we were dining with the same people each night, but once again I know that lots of people do. It's a good thing we're all different.

  cruiser2 20:04 27 Jun 2010

Try cruise critic forums. Many different subjects all related to cruising. Some are from Americans so may not be relevant but still worth a look.

  sunnystaines 20:13 27 Jun 2010

thanks for the comments and links

  tullie 20:21 27 Jun 2010

this one click here

  Bapou 12:32 03 Jul 2010

We have been on six cruises so far all with Royal Carribbean and thoroughly every one of them.

Mostly in the Med, sailing from Barcelona our favourite was on the Brilliance of The Seas visiting Venice. We have never experienced anything so scenic like arriving in Venice, sailing up the Grand Canal for one and a half hours to the docking area.

As yet we have not booked for this year, but we will. Some good Royal Carribbean cruises going from Southampton which interest us.

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