Anyone purchased shoes from

  nicolabarnes13 10:04 26 Sep 2015

I'm not sure where to turn with this. I purchase these limited addition Disney Princess Vans from a website called: butler, which cost me £60, for my Florida holiday, which I was extremely excited about. They were internationally shipped from Hong Kong, so they advised me they would send me a tracking number within 48hrs. two weeks later I had no shoes and no tracking number. I contacted them through their "contact us" message page, and they replied with just a tracking number. Finally when the shoes arrived, they where plain black Vans, nothing like the ones I ordered. I contacted them again through their page (as this is the only way to do so), and there response was the same tracking number email! So I emailed them back and said, "No they are the wrong ones, as I've already told you." the response to this was "Haven't they arrived yet?"!!! I was angry, so sent them a picture of the shoes and demanded a refund. They replied two days later with this message: "hello

we have checked your picture, we find all that are our new arrival model, that are more cooler than you ordered, so we hope you can keep them, many thx! Best regards Caroline" So I replied asking if she was still sending out my shoes, as the email was unprofessional and unclear. The response was: "hello after our manager negotiation we hope u can accept our 5% partial refund as customer compensation and you keep that package to stop this deal, as if you sent it back you will cost a lot of shipping fee and tax and it maybe lost during return, it is not deserved. we would be so appreciated if you are agree this, thx! Best regards Caroline" I was so angry at how unprofessional and unreasonable they were being that I replied stating if I didn't get a full refund and this matter isn't resolved soon, I would be taking it further. I haven't had a reply and I'm not sure what to do. Any advice????

  spuds 10:20 26 Sep 2015

I think that you need to provide further information.

How was the item purchased, was it through the company's own website, or through a third party, like eBay or Amazon etc. How much did the item cost, and how was payment made.

The facts you have already given, seems very similar to the usual responses of replies (possibly in the hope that you will go away and put this down to a bad experience), and even if you agree on the suggested 5% refund, will you actually get it.

  spuds 13:03 26 Sep 2015

Its been difficult finding direct contact information on this company, because it all seems based from their website.

What I have managed to find, is this information, which I assume is the same company, on the name provided click here

  AroundAgain 14:41 26 Sep 2015

As Spuds has already asked, by what method did you pay for your shoes?

I would strongly suggest getting in contact with whoever you paid with, explain the situation to them. You may well be covered for such a situation by them. Always worth letting them know as soon as you realise there is an issue.

  AroundAgain 15:08 26 Sep 2015

Hi again

I've looked at Spuds link and the director's name is Howard Martin, 1 Houghton Park, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, MK45 2EY

On further searching, I have found this same man is also a director of Ampthill TV Ltd, who also give the same address PLUS a phone numbers.

Here are some of the links re my tracking, accessed after Google search for this chap by name! No mention of uk, of course!

click here still strongly suggest you get in touch with the organisation you paid for the goods and let them sort it out. They are experienced with this and they possibly will refund your money.

In future, it's worth checking there is a UK trading address and phone number on the website before ordering, just in case you have any queries after you pay your money. Websites selling goods but not having such 'up front' open contact details and location are often not recommended for dealing with.



  Secret-Squirrel 10:04 27 Sep 2015

Nicola, any decent reputable retailer would put the mistake right at their expense. You've clearly been fobbed off with idiotic responses and treated badly. If you paid by a credit card then get in touch with your credit card company and you'll probably get a refund from them. Make sure you keep all the correspondence with that rogue company as you'll need to provide evidence.

Let us know how you get on.

  spuds 10:12 27 Sep 2015

Somehow I have the feeling that this is a 'Drop-Ship' venture, when the actual items are provided by a third party, and not necessarily by the website vendor.

Hence the type of email you have received.

I hope that you can provide us with further information as requested, because lack of possible response doesn't help very much.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:58 27 Sep 2015

Spuds, Nicola provided most of the information you asked for:

I purchase ..............from a website called: butler, which cost me £60......

If she paid by credit card, then in disputes like this where negotiations have proved fruitless, her credit card company should reimburse her.

  spuds 17:46 27 Sep 2015

Secret-Squirrel - Looks like I may have missed some of that.

Regarding any reimbursement, then it might pay to read this click here

  Forum Editor 15:14 28 Sep 2015

The advice given by others - that you should contact your card company is usually sound, but in your case it will not be of any use - card companies are certainly jointly liable with retailers (under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974) when things go wrong with card purchasers, but only in respect of goods which cost more than £100. Your shoes cost £60, so you are not protected.

Everything about this company's website rings alarm bells - it is based in the Russian Federation, and it does not provide a postal address or any contact details whatsoever.

Prepare yourself for a disappointment, at least you have some shoes, and you will be much wiser next time. Never buy anything from a website that does not clearly provide a postal address for the business, with an email address and telephone contact details. The fact that the site may have a domain name means very little in this context - the site can be hosted anywhere in the world, and places like the Russian Federation are outside the Jurisdiction of the UK or EU courts.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:49 28 Sep 2015

The advice given by others - that you should contact your card company is usually sound, but in your case it will not be of any use............... Your shoes cost £60, so you are not protected.

Actually Ed, contacting the credit card company may be of use. Nobody mentioned "section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974". The mechanism that may help Nicola is called credit card "chargeback". It's ideal for disputes where the value is less than £100. Have a read about it here and here.

A few years ago I ordered a printer part, it never turned up, I emailed the company twice but never received a reply, and finally I contacted Barclaycard. They asked for full details and evidence and I received a full refund. The cost of the printer part was only around £20 but it was the principle of the matter.

PS: I've just spotted that chargeback applies to debit card transactions too.

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