Anyone know of a laptop with these features?

  NedNedNed 09:21 08 Sep 2013

Touchscreen 4gb or more of ram SSD only or SSD and HDD (size not important) 13 inch or less (12 inch ideal) Lightish Full win 8 (not rt) Reasonable performance, not into games but do multi-task web, email, office etc. Decent battery life. Lastly - about £400...

I've looked at hundreds but can't seem to see anything. Too ambitious perhaps?

  Forum Editor 09:29 08 Sep 2013

"Too ambitious perhaps?"

For £400 - yes, decidedly so.

Pay £300 more, and you are home and dry

  NedNedNed 16:58 08 Sep 2013

Thanks editor.

The Yoga has been on my want list for a while, but it just seems to cost too much for what it offers.

I was kinda hoping for a combination of: click here and click here first one is ideal but no SSD, and the second one is a bargain but no touchscreen.


  NedNedNed 18:39 09 Sep 2013

I think I might have found it:

click here

It's £480 refurbished or £520 new from Dabs.

Originally wanted to spend about £400 but this seems like a really good buy for an extra £80.

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