Anyone know a decent art photo editor

  erkmatrix 15:11 15 Jan 2003
  erkmatrix 15:11 15 Jan 2003

I've heard of a photo editor that can transform photos into works of art, think it was called PhotoArtMaster.

Just wondered if anyone knows of a decent free or trial one?


  powerless 15:29 15 Jan 2003
  Pesala 00:22 27 Jan 2003

click here to try this Repligator. I used a free magazine version and found it powerful and very easy to use.

  pj123 12:44 30 Jan 2003

professor Franklin is quite good. I got it for free with my Epson printer. As it was free don't know whether it would be legal to copy it? What does everyone else think?

  Gizmo 13:33 30 Jan 2003

The Canon S820 is brilliant; I bought mine from click here
and saved around £40.00 on the best price here in the UK, it has 6 colour cartridges, and NO they do no have those chips, so you can refill them, I can recommend this brilliant printer.

  pj123 15:53 30 Jan 2003

Well, no one seems to be particurlarly worried whether I copy a free disc and give it to someone else. so if you want a copy to try, email me and I will send it to you.

  BrianW 20:38 30 Jan 2003

Virtual Painter, an add-on for Paint Shop Pro gives excellent results. You can download and evaluation copy from click here. If you like it you can then purchase from the website for about £30.00.

  Pesala 05:52 01 Feb 2003

I would check the license agreement first.

Software bundled with peripherals is rarely Freeware or Public Domain. However, if you sell the Epson Printer it would be fine to include the bundled software.

  MaffPink 11:34 01 Feb 2003

how about getting someone to copy you Adobe Photoshop 7, one of the best picture manipulation applications around.

  graham 13:47 01 Feb 2003

If you can figure out how to use it-;)

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