Anyone know of a backup software to do exact plain file backup

  erkmatrix 09:36 11 May 2013

I currently have all my files on an internal drive 1TB and I want to be able to backup all the files weekly but not an image of the drive a copy of it so on the destination drive everything is openable and just the same as the original using the same amount of space.

I used to have Jam Smart backup but for some reason it stopped working on my Windows 7 machine, maybe because it a bit out of date these days.

Does anyone know if such a backup software exists like this, all they seem to go on about is making an image, but for some reason I don't trust this sort of backup as you cannot see if it actually has worked and made a backup of the files you wanted.

cheers, love it someone could help.

  onthelimit1 09:40 11 May 2013

To start simple, have you looked at W7's own file backup programme?

  erkmatrix 09:56 11 May 2013

Hi yeah I tried this an it took ages then found out the backuped files where all in zip files so couldn't find anything. I want to for example be able to go into my backup drive and see that the word file created yesterday then I backup and it backups all my recent files since the last backup and then I can clearly see this word file has been made a copy of and backuped.

That's what the Jam smart backup used to allow me to do and I liked it for that, with these zip file backups, I'm paranoid that it hasn't actually got a copy of my newly updated files cause I cannot see them in an actual directory with the same filenames and everything.

  onthelimit1 10:00 11 May 2013

Well I've used it to restore files before now, and they've always reappeared!

  Forum Editor 16:06 11 May 2013

Take a look at Allway Sync

It will do exactly what you're looking for, and it's very reliable. I've used it myself for some time now, and I'm happy with it.

  erkmatrix 09:27 12 May 2013

Thanks very much Forum Editor I will take a look at Allway Sync. I did also find Fbackup which also looks like it might be what I'm after. I unsure if I want the external drive turned on all the time using more electricity when I was only going to backup really weekly, I'll have a think, I don't suppose they use all that amount of lecky.

Cheers anyway for the reply.

  iscanut 12:51 12 May 2013

I use Microsoft Synch Toy which is very simple but good. Have a look here...

  erkmatrix 13:02 13 May 2013

Thanks very much too iscanut2 for the reply I shall look into this one too.

  Jim71 18:24 13 May 2013

for more options when backing up your files, check out backupchain I use it for all kinds of file copies on a schedule with compression

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