Anyone know anything about Golden Electronics?

  farsleymoose 11:42 25 Mar 2005

I am looking to purchase a new base unit and came accross his website:

click here

There is a deal for £365 which offers the following spec:

Intel Pentium 4 3.0e Ghz CPU 800mhz FSB 1MB cache
1,024MB 400mhz PC3200 branded DDR Memory
120GB 7,200RPM IDE Hard Drive
16x DVD-RW Double-Layer
ASRock P4S61 800mhz FSB Motherboard
Integrated 64MB 256bit AGP 8x Video
5.1 Channel 3D Audio
10/100 Ethernet LAN (Broadband ready)
6 x USB 2.0
Stylish case with transparent side panel + 450W PSU
Sony Floppy Disk Drive
3 Years warranty

Does anyone know anything about this company or have any suggestions as to the best place to pick up something similar.

Any info would be great.

  mrferrari 18:37 27 Mar 2005

I found this company through Computer Buyer magazine and bought a 3.2ghz pc two weeks ago. No problems at all, works superbly and a beautiful case. Upgrades are very cheap as well.

  gupdana 17:17 14 Aug 2006

I purchased a Gaming PC woth 7900GT they beat Dells price because I didnt have to buy a monitor with the PC! Arrived within 7 Days and works very fast. I reccomend to anyone!

i was thinking of buying a pc from these guys but after looking at the forums i had second thoughts.

prices seem really competitive and their website is good too but perhaps their customer service needs a bit of help?

anyway after looking at the forums i thought i'd go else where, but after hearing even more worse things about mesh, pc specialists and dell i decided to reconsider golden electronics. it seems that all these companies have bad things about them and i couldn't decide which one to go with.... so once again i done a little research on golden electronics and now i've found this thread.. which looks ok so far.

lastly i also found that they have an ebay shop! if i knew this earlier i would've just checked their feedback... which is around 99%! That's made me happy enough to place an order with them, it just means theres a 1% chance i might not be happy.

anyway im placing an order and will let you know how it goes (fingers crossed). by looking at this thread it seems golden electronics could be shaping up!

  glenski 18:37 20 Sep 2006

I cannot say this strong enough.
I have been waiting 18 days now NOT 5 as suggested. I don't care about any excuses regarding staff holidays, component shortages or manpower shortages. If you can't deliver don't suggest that you can.

This though is the best bit. They take your order and don't process it. When you complain they ALLOW you to pay out more money for delivery some days or even weeks after you expected it anyway. If you won't pay you know others will so that leaves you waiting EVEN longer.

These people are villains people!! I would walk away if I could but they took the money almost immediately.

Be warned

  pacman29 16:09 09 Nov 2006

Read all about them here:

click here

  jasmine786 11:07 01 Dec 2006

Hi there everyone, i oredered a PC system from Golden Electronics on 3rd november 2006 and I am due to get it today. This was after many emails...they don't give any phone numbers to get in touch (something I didn't like), they kept saying it was being processed. I had enough of waiting and sent them an email asking for a full refund as it was not my fault they had not kept to their stated delivery time. They wrote back saying there would be a charge of 15% of the price i had paid and made some c**p up about the delivery times on the web. Amazingly, the day after I got an email to say my PC has been despatched and I am waiting to get it today. Another thing to moan about, I asked for it to be sent to my office but they started doing security checks and debited 84pence from my account. i was supposed to email them back the amount so they could confirm that delivery could be at the address i asked. Anyway they emailed to say that as the security check was ok they could deliver at my where did they try to deliver..yes you guessed right they delivered to my home address!!!!Now i will have to wait for the PC to come so that I can moan some more!!

  tramiel 13:17 01 Dec 2006


I write this just to give you a warning about the above subject Company.
I took your advise (Best Buy) and purchased GoldenElectronics AM2 X2 PCG-201 computor system.
It duly arrived 5 days later as they say and I began to assemble it. First problem was on boot up, the monitor shown no signal from the installed 7600 GT card.
I then pugged monitor into onboard VGA and that worked in basic mode.
I then noticed that monitor had three blown pixels.
Also the DVD was not working , which was later to be found not connected ?.
I emailed their tech support and this amazingly was the quality of the reply >

Dear Paul,
Please open the side panel and you will find that due to shaking in
transit, the graphics card has dislodged. And is therefore working.

Thanks for your email,
Kind Regards

Daniel Melehi
Golden Electronics
click here

Its a good job I am capable to do this as most people would be horrified at that request.

I re-seated the 7600GT card (this is when i spotted DVD not connected) and tried again but no signal could be found and Device Manager was only showing OnBoard gfx card.
Also as you see from thier reply they did not even acknowledge the blown pixels on Monitor.
As they have no Telephone contact I am starting to fear the worst.
I emailed them again 30th Nov but to date I have had no reply.
Whilst overall the PC seems to be quite good I fear the support needed is going to be quite poor.
This is no criticism to your excellent magazine reccomendations by pure merit but this is to let you know the afterstages.
To sum up ... if it works your ok .. if you have any problems you will suffer.

  tramiel 20:53 02 Feb 2007

The service I recieved from this Company was disgraceful.
No appologies and the personal dishonest replies was just abhorrent.
If you want to defend yourself I can post all the email dealings, delays, fauly parts ,damaged casings, Monitor blown pixels etc, and we can let the readers decide. I dont care if you sell 20,000 pc's a month, its still no reason to have the pooriest customer service I have witnessed during my lifetime.
To sum up Golden Electronics>
1. Very Poor Service
2. Lots of Untruths told (eg you state all PC's are stress tested before dispach- How did you stress test mine when no graphics card drivers had ever been installed?)
3. Unprofessional
I could go on but people will see from other posts just how bad GE really are.

  tramiel 00:44 07 Feb 2007

Re: Cheap PC's

Posted: 18-Oct-2006 22:13 in response to: jeremyUK Reply

I take it Jeremy that you have built the fake website and are probably associated with Golden Electronics. The site is awfull (click here), is built around the same format as goldenelectronics and I will be writing to every manufacturer mentioned telling them about this scam.

If you deny this, the please tell us when you conducted this survey. Was it conducted by an independent surveyor. You must have also contacted all the mentioned Computer retailers to be able to quote some of the figures you have done. And I really doubt any of them would have given you any info.


  co0ke 14:30 27 Mar 2007

This company is beyond belief. My story is summarized below:

November 2006: Purchased complete gaming package for £848
December 2006: Arrived without power cable for monitor

- Contacted GE, power cable sent out in post.
- Power cable arrived, monitor plugged in, realised monitor was broken.

Between January 2007 - Aprill 2007

- Sent dozens of emails detailing situation, and asking for replacement. Emails went without response for up to 2 weeks at a time.
- Filled in 2 seperate RMA forms, collection finally arranged

March 15: Montior collected from my place of work
March 19: Was told that monitor would be shipped out to me on March 20

March 27: Monitor still hadn't arrived, so searched for telelphone numbers of GE.

Called this number 07045702112. Got through to a person who said they were a manager of GE. I explained the situation to them, and they were very rude, telling me that I would need to pay £200 to cover shipping costs of new monitor!

This is completely ridiculous as I have already paid £850 for a machine that i cannot use because i have no working monitor!

This person continued to be rude and aggressive, then hung up the phone on me.

I have given them a week to get me a replacement monitor, if they do not, I am contacting Trading standards and I will try to get a CCJ against their company.


I have never been treated so badly by a company.

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