Anyone heard of

  mealing 11:56 23 Mar 2004

Found this company on the internet and I wondered if anyone else had heard of them and wether they are any good or not?

  Stuartli 13:08 23 Mar 2004

Reading the About section of a website is usually a good indication of how seriously a firm takes its responsibilities - this one has an excellent start on that basis.

I notice it doesn't, for instance, charge higher rates to deliver to far flung parts of the UK, which will appeal to many forum members.

Perhaps having a chat with a member of the firm as a local call telephone number is provided and, as an additional test, send an e-mail requesting some information; these should provide useful indicators of efficiency and speed.

Remember too that Yorkshire folk are very canny and will never pay more than they need to for any thing...:-)

You may well find that you have stumbled on what has been a well kept secret from the majority of us...:-)

  Sir Radfordin 13:23 23 Mar 2004

click here

For Companies House information - doesn't look like they have been a Ltd company for long.

I'd say follow the advice of Stuardli and ring them up/email and ask some questions. You should be able to find out how much they know and the kind of people they are. Make your judgement on that. And as with anything pay by credit card where you can.

  Sir Radfordin 13:26 23 Mar 2004

click here=*click here* for anotehr source of comments - people who have bought via ebay from them.

  Stuartli 13:35 23 Mar 2004

Some on the website too
click here
but all dated from last year.

  SgtFury 14:36 23 Mar 2004

It almost does seem a bit too good. They don`t seem to quote which motherboard they are using which concerns me slightly but the prices they quote are pretty good

  cristeron 12:14 23 Mar 2005

Hello there,

I've used them,I waited about four weeks for delivery(but I ordered just after xmas) but on his site he warns of delays and when his busy times are. The motherboard I got was an asus k8n,but you might want to buy your own monitor,he charged me £87 for a relisys te770 which I've seen for £65.

The tower and its contents seem to be as advertised and you get all the disks with the original packaging. The unusual method of payment puts some people off. All in all Ithink he's an honest trader. Check out romulous 2 and his ebay record

  wags 14:25 23 Mar 2005

They don't accept credit cards. That doesn't make them a bad company of course, but is always a recommended method of payment for goods of this nature.

  Julian-205848 22:56 23 Mar 2005

I was looking for a computer for some time and stumbled across

I did email sooooo manyy companies for advice on spec and configuartion based on an hard internet user, degree & research student at uni and wanted a machine that wasn't gonna need replacing in a hurry.

This compay was THE ONLY one to email me back! The spec seemed good (but then what do I as a novice know!) They were polite and very keen to answer any or all of my questions. I was almost tempted to place an order, but like others have said on this forum paying by credit card does give you some protection, which is better than none.

So I went for a Dell instead which i am very happy with. Check out Dell outlet which has good deals. I went for a company that was big, had good reputation (even tho their customer helpline and support is India). I always email them first to get my issue across and then let them ring me to ascertain any problems. So far i have had only one- a failed DVD rom drive, which was replaced 2 days later!
In the end, just have to go with your gut feeling but take extra care and make sure that youre 1000% happy to part with a small fortune in cash, coz once its gone...its gone...HTH

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