Anyone got email address for please?

  susie123 20:21 19 Nov 2014

Hi, 14 months ago, I bought a Zoostorm laptop from Today, the screen went blank and nothing was happening. I plugged the charger in, just in case, and smoke started coming from the place where the charger plugs in. The phone contact is expensive, and it seems I'll have to write to them, but I wondered if anyone can advise me please? Is there an email address? Can I make them replace the laptop? 14 months doesn't seem long for it to last):

Thank you,


  Batch 09:30 20 Nov 2014

The 0371 521 33 00 number is local call rate.

That don't provide an email address as such, but if you log in to your ebuyer account they have an Enote facility whereby one can correspond with them (and it does work as I've used it on a few occasions).

Alternatively, you could try their technical support team on 0330 3 339 390, but you may find that they will want an RMA (returns) number before talking to you.

Like a number of vendors they sell extended warranties and may argue that if you wanted a warranty to run beyond the "standard" 12 months then you could have purchased an extended warranty. But that does not mean that you do not have rights (e.g. in that the product should be expected to last for a reasonable lifespan).

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