Anyone ever tried haggling with Dell?

  Why wont it work 13:53 06 Jan 2009

I recently just missed a 10% off voucher from Dell, so I thought I'd try my chances by ringing them. Managed to get £50 off the online price (the laptop already had £80 off plus free shipping) plus got them to upgrade the warranty from 3 years to 4 yrs for free. Anyone else tried to bargain before? If not it might be worth a shot, I stood firm and insisted I wouldn't pay a penny more than £750! It does sadden me greatly that I would only have had to pay £680 if I had been able to use the voucher- although I was told if any similar vouchers come up I can simply cancel and reorder. £750 got me:

Dell Studio 15
2.26ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
4gb DDR800 RAM
320gb HDD
Radeon 3450
15.4" screen 1920x1200 (which added a lot to the cost!)
blu-ray drive

etc etc

  Why wont it work 13:56 06 Jan 2009

Almost certainly not the best spec for the price in the world (graphics card is poor inferior to my current laptop in fact, but I have a desktop for games). I saw the laptop in some electrical shop (currys perhaps) and loved it, above any other, so I suppose that's the price you pay.

  Si_L 13:58 06 Jan 2009

I have haggled with Dell on someone else's behalf but they wouldn't offer me money off. Like you, I got a better warranty free of charge and a free HDD upgrade (from 120gb to 360gb).

Its always worth checking out sites like this one too to see if there are any vouchers still in use: click here

  Why wont it work 14:21 06 Jan 2009

Yes you are quite right, it is best to trawl the internet for vouchers first (that is where I found the first one). I couldn't find any valid ones for this moment in time. It was just that the £80 off and free shipping offer ended tomorrow, so I decided that it was best to jump now. Even if they now offer a 10% off voucher again it will cost more than I paid.

  trikadoc 10:07 07 Jan 2009

i for one would just like to congratulate "why wont it work", for actually giving me a great idea, ive never been 1 to haggle a big industry sure ive been known to haggle small markets but not anything on this scale, next time i buy a new pc in the near future i think i might give it a whirl. and hopefully do a bit of haggling research as per what company gives me best offer. thanks once again and hope you enjoy your new system.

  spuds 10:27 07 Jan 2009

Hitwise was reporting the other day, that people are becoming far more wiser, by seeking out the 'voucher and special deal' websites, and by doing so are making some very good savings on purchases.So go for it, you have nothing to lose, but possibly something to gain, with a good discount.

Regarding Dell, I am on their special customer email list, which provides voucher codes and special discount offers from themselves and their Dell outlets, usually on a fairly regular basis. Through this, I have made many great purchases including buying re-badged 'Dell' printers for very low prices including delivery.

But Dell have recently shot themselves in the foot with one recent 'special voucher offer', that they had provided. It was for free delivery of a laptop, and on trying to purchase, the Dell website wouldn't accept the code and neither would the sales representative. Instead they wanted to charge £60.00 for delivery, which they reduced to £30.00 (after 3 phone calls from Dell). Dell lost the order, I went to Ebuyer. That is one thing that I cannot understand with Dell, is their high delivery charges (at times), when some retailers can offer free and usually next day delivery without causing much fuss.

  trikadoc 10:40 07 Jan 2009

i dont think compter retailers make as much cash on their systems as they would like hence all the discounts but these companies make most of their cash via delivery and of course telephone cals especially software support for most companies charging at £1 a minute and it has to be india tech =þ great.

  Goofyish 12:21 07 Jan 2009

You could order through Quidco and get 6% cashback.

  Why wont it work 12:37 07 Jan 2009

Yes, Quidco is another one, which you can use on top of a coupon. I think I saved a little bit more than 6% though, a whole 6.25% haha.

Interestingly my laptop has gone right through from ordering to pre-production to production to delivery prep in one day. Seems a little strange as I was given an estimated date of 21/01, oh well, perhaps it will come early! (That or their tracking doesn't work properly!)

  Si_L 12:38 07 Jan 2009

Whenever I buy something online, if there is a box asking for a voucher code, I check for one. My best saving was something like 40% of a mobile phone.

  LANDCRUISER 13:35 07 Jan 2009

dell sell a lot of computers on QVC on the tv & the prices qvc get from dell is amazing as they sell a great amount so the price comes down, so if you want a dell pc look there first, you also get 30days to try the pc & if you do not like it you phone them up & its collected

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