Anyone bought from pcspecialist ?

  daveeb 21:38 28 Mar 2012

Hi all

I'm in the market for a new laptop (fairly high end, weight not an issue as its a desktop replacement). i've narrowed my search down to four places. Dell, Novatech, power computing or pcspecialist. The others have quite a good reputation that i know of but i'm not that clued up on pcspecialist although they do seem to have good reviews based on a quick google. I'd really appreciate the views of members on here...good or bad. Thanks

  john bunyan 21:48 28 Mar 2012

No,but I think John Lewis is worth a look, as it gives a free 2 year guarantee. My local repair man likes Toshiba. Novatech is local to me and has a good reputation,This thread may be worth a read.

  iscanut 08:49 29 Mar 2012

There have been numerous threads about pc specialist ( good and bad ) on this forum. Do a search and have a read. Toshiba and Samsung are good reliable makes.

  finerty 16:31 29 Mar 2012

if buy from them u r are on your own, a lot of people havve had problems with being billed to shoddy workmanship, not being built to standard etc. and there are a lot of thread about them. just do search on pc advisor

  finerty 16:32 29 Mar 2012

novatech can be good

  finerty 16:33 29 Mar 2012
  finerty 16:34 29 Mar 2012

and there are some threads that gone to many pages and pages.

  daveeb 19:47 29 Mar 2012

OK thanks all for your helpful input, a bit of a mixed bag of responses. i'm aware there are old threads about this and other companies but the quality of service and hardware from a supplier can change fairly rapidly and i wanted to hear peoples recent thoughts. Whoever i eventually buy from i'll do a quick review. Cheers all.

  Lemondust 10:48 07 Jun 2012

I have had two PC's over the past 10 years from PC Specialist, and I personally have found them very good. I currently have a 3rd PC on order with them....but it seems to be taking longer than I recall for it to be built. Perhaps it's because they've become more busy over the years, but in past experience I have found them to be very good and the PC's were well made.

There will be good and experiences with any company, you just have to use your own discretion.

  xania 09:56 08 Jun 2012

Like Lemondust, I have had a couple of very good specified PC's from PC Specialist made to order and delivered on time. However, that was some years ago and, from what I have read recently, I fear they may have suffered from a drop in performance. However, you want an off-the-shelf machine so I'm not sure why you would consider PC Speciaist. Dell are IMHO overpriced. If you know what you are doing, you could do OK with Novatech, but if you are a novice then I would tend to go for John Lewis as their support and returns policy seem very good.

  daveeb 00:23 16 Jun 2012

Thanks for all the input everyone. I opted in the end for a Dell lx702 laptop. The spec in my opinion was very good for the price (2 x 500 GB hard drives, 8 GB ram, nvidia 555m 3 GB gfx, 17 " 1920 x 1080 screen all for a shade under £800). A couple of months down the line and (touch wood) i'm very happy with it.

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