Anyone able to download Windows Vista Beta 2 yet?

  rodriguez 14:32 08 Jun 2006

Microsoft have released a public beta of Windows Vista (click here) which can be downloaded legally. After a filling in a couple of quick forms, Microsoft send you an email with the download link and product key, which is valid on up to 10 computers. However because every man and his dog is trying to download it, I keep getting a message about there being a high level of demand and they cannot process my request so I will keep trying later. So I was just wondering if anyone was able to download it yet or whether they keep getting the same message as me. I might try at 1 in the morning and leave it on overnight.

  spuds 14:40 08 Jun 2006

Seems to be the problem at present, to many people trying to download the programme, and its going to take some downloading due to size. I believe Microsoft are offering a cd version, not sure whether this as a purchase price attached though!.

  a member 15:15 08 Jun 2006

yes , you can get it sent out as a package with 32 and 64 bit versions for around a tenner.
would not waste my time , its still not as stable as it should be at this stage , I have all the beta,s including the last one ver.5384.4
as i see it , it will take a miracle to make their deadline of early 2007.
and hardware drivers are scarce for it too.
looks nice though , if you like Macs you should like the look of this .
but looks arnt everything .
my advice , wait about 10 months , it should be closer to what its supposed to be by then.

  Jimmy14 16:27 08 Jun 2006

Got the product key but I am also receiving the server too busy webpage due to high demand so I am going to try later on

  sunny staines 16:36 08 Jun 2006

cannot find the download link or register link. can someone post it please.

  Jimmy14 16:53 08 Jun 2006

click here

This link is for either to get an email with the product key and location or to order it on dvd

  Totally-braindead 18:14 08 Jun 2006

Wonder how long it will be before we see someone complaining that the Vista Beta program has screwed up his or her computer?
I know its a Beta program but I'm sure somewill will post blaming Microsoft or someone else, it will be everyones fault but his/hers for trying a Beta program without knowing the risks.

  Totally-braindead 18:17 08 Jun 2006

Meant to say "I'm sure someone will post" not the gibberish I wrote instead. Sorry, somewill isn't even a word.

  mattyc_92 18:30 08 Jun 2006

That's human nature ;-)

  rodriguez 18:35 08 Jun 2006

I didn't even notice your wrote "somewill" untill you pointed it out. I read quick :-D

  Devil Fish 18:57 08 Jun 2006

Wonder how long it will be before we see someone complaining that the Vista Beta program has screwed up his or her computer?

the warnings are their so know one to blame but themselves

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