Anybody recently bought a DVD Recorder with HD ?

  freaky 20:26 28 Dec 2005

Would like to hear from any members who have recently purchased a DVD Recorder with HD - especially a Toshiba or Sony.

Reason for the post is that I need some buying advice, and users experience of the models they have.

  jack 20:43 28 Dec 2005

I have a Sony - purchased two weeks ago.
Terrific -but be warned, a very steep learning curve - unless you have a 10 year old in your houshold.

The HDD does what is says it will do and the on on screen menus are a breeze.

The DVD side plays too- all the, versions except one or two of the more obscure types.

Recording to DVD from HDD have yet to tackle
and the connectivity from its 4 yes 4 inputs is easy although I am having trouble with one - but its me I am sure its me,

I had one small problem - having got it home and had it all running- suddenly it refused to obey
the remote- The remote was OK 'cos it worked the TV[Also Sony]
After a couple of days of messing I was about ready to take it back. Then I had an idea.
I phoned a mate and invited him round- When he came I said look 'You' have just bought it now set it up - after a couple of minutes of prodding and looking in the book he asked- Where is the Command switch?
'Whssa't I said- so he showed me the book. No sign of it on the remote- The command switch sets the type of device the remote will speak to.
After fumbling a while a slide cover on the remote revealed its self and Lo the Command switch
Set it to 3 as the book said and off it went.
So be prepared for little trip ups - But then you are a computerist you know all about those.

  SURVEY 10:06 29 Dec 2005

I puchased a Panasonic 200GB HDD Recorder a couple of weeks ago. This comes with a Freeserve digital card. Aagin, the same as the Sony - a steep learning curve particularly connecting items such as a Video Recorder (enabling me to transfer my videos to DVD). It is down to the istruction manual that generally makes sense only once you actually know how to use the machine! Why do these manufacturers not understand how useful a proper manual is!

Anyway it works well, quality of manufacture seems very good and picture quality is excellent. I also have a Panasonic TV and found that the remote for the Recorder works almost everything on the TV thus reducing the number of remotes required. The remote is also programmable for most TV's.

  SURVEY 10:08 29 Dec 2005

Did I really type 'Freeserve'? Sorry, meant 'Freeview' of course!

  freaky 10:19 29 Dec 2005

The Sony that your purchased, was it the RDRHX10S ?

A pal of mine purchased a Goodman a couple of month's ago - he is still trying to transfer some of his VHS tapes to DVD!

My TV, VHS and DVD are all Sony, bought them as an all in one package. The DVD includes a built in Amplifier, and connects to 5 surround sound speakers - this will then play any Dolby sound tracks if they are on the DVD.

Unfortunately, no supplier of DVD Recorders including Sony, include an amplifier in the unit. Consequently whatever make of Recorder I get, my surround sound system will become redundant!

I defifinitely want to have a Recorder with HD, and am debating with myself to either buy the Sony or the Toshiba RDXS24 which has an 160GB HD.

From a compatabilty point of view, I might be better off with a Sony unit - but the Toshiba being offered by Comet is on special offer at £120 off list price!

  Newuser4165 11:24 29 Dec 2005

Have a look at an alternative forum:-
click here

  Newuser4165 11:26 29 Dec 2005

Please add </index.php >to the above link (no quotes)

  Ranger 14:49 29 Dec 2005

I bought a Toshiba, works great,quality recordings (HDD and DVD R/W) reasonably easy to use, all in all I'm very pleased (fan is a little noisy, but not unduly)

  jack 15:02 29 Dec 2005

It is indeed the very one Sony RDR-HX510.
I wnt out to look and compare- to Bluewater.
Into John Lewis- and nothing to be seen- they were majoring on FlatScreens for Christmas.
Then in the corner I spotted this rack of forlorn machines with REDUCED stickers- and lo The Sony
I heard a voice say to a passing assistant I'll have it.- - it was me!
It turned out to be a customer return- priced at £100 below list- but still pricy comparde with others-
But fully checked and with the full JL 2year cover.

I could hazard a guess and say that it was returned because of the manual.

Many years ago some one in computing said if only a user would write the manual instead of the guy that wrote the software- we may then get some comprehension.

  freaky 18:48 29 Dec 2005

Is your Toshiba a RDXS24 ?

Is the manual any good - a number of threads on here and elsewhere have criticised the manuals supplied with their recorders?

  Ranger 22:58 29 Dec 2005

it's a rd-xs34, the manual seems okay for what I have used it for so far (recording,editing copying to DVD RW) there is loads of buttons on the RC that looks kinda daunting, but for run of the mill stuff you don't use that many although I have to admit I haven't used it to it's full potential or the more advanced stuff so far (mainly due to lack of time because of work and DIY in the house) as I said earlier in the thread it has been pretty easy to use for the things I have used it for and the recordings have been excellent quality, all in all I think it has been a good buy and I would recommend it, I got mine from RGB Direct, at the time they had it at the cheapest price and it was deliverd next day.

hope this helps

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