Anybody had a Mitsubishi monitor repaired?

  Pappyon 16:59 04 Feb 2003

My Diamond Pro 740SB was taken away for repair under warranty exactly two weeks ago today which is the length of time I was told it would be before it was returned, but as yet I have heard nothing from them.

I don't want to pester them, as I have a perfectly good monitor on loan from them for free, but at the same time I am a bit concerned about their lack of response.

Could anybody else who has had a Mitsubishi repaired recently give me an indication of how long it took before they got it back.

  Stuartli 20:19 04 Feb 2003

Mitsubishi is a highly reputable company that used to sell TVs, video recorders etc in the UK for decades.

Then the flow of low cost imports from the Far East hit its trade and, about five years ago, it pulled out of this market, but maintained its monitor division.

I'm sure that the delay is for very good reasons - it may be that it needs a particular spare part(s) for instance - because its high quality of manufacture means that few of its monitors will give any trouble.

  Pc-cillin 00:46 05 Feb 2003

I don't wish to sound negative. But i guess this will.
I had a Mitsubishi 21" TV about 6 years ago, and it was Shite, colour was poor, Tube went after 4 years. when your monor comes back get shut, mate.

mutsubishitty, that's all i can say.

No offence to anybody, Just helping out.

  Stuartli 09:01 05 Feb 2003

I'm truly amazed at your experience. I know someone with a Mitsubishi colour TV acquired nearly 30 years ago - it was still working at the last count.

My own Mitsubishi H58 Nicam video recorder is 10 years old, has a staggering range of features, is used every day and has never once missed a beat. The picture and sound quality is still first class, despite its age and solid use.

In addition, apart from its cars and many other divisions, Mitsubishi also has links with optical and camera company Nikon.

  anchor 09:32 05 Feb 2003

As I recall, when I had my Misubishi monitor repaired last October, it took about 2 weeks.

Why not give them a call, and make enquires?. As is often the case, the one who pesters them will have their repair done first.

As regards their VCR`s, I bought their top of the range model 13 years ago, and like Stuartli`s, it is still going strong. The Diamond Pro 730 monitor I have is supurb!!.

  Stuartli 12:17 05 Feb 2003

Agree. My VCR is the HS-M58V (B) and retail cost was £550 at the time - fortunately I won mine along with a pair of the compact Nikon binoculars, which were £105 at that time.

Mitsubishi is a massive organisation (see click here) but, in reality, there are only around five big names in Japan - they each have so many subsiduaries that it seems like many more.

  humprey28 15:30 05 Feb 2003

just got my moniytor back from M this week (sent off in Dec! - however to be fair it was beacuase they couldn't get the part for my 730. In fact still can't and now not made anymore so offered a 750 A grade replacement - I am using this at the moment but it is nothing like an A grade (scrathes, crack and left habd side of screen very grey). However once again in their defense they are instead sending me out a brand new 750 tomorrow (my 730 was 2 years old).
My only gripe is that I can't upgrade this to something else (i.e. 750 or nothing) as I personally think the 750 looks a cheap peace of trash beside the sytling of the 730 but suppose at end of day its the screen quality that counts - and am told 750 is better than 730
Hope this helps - give them a ring or email info or admin - found them v helpful

  Pappyon 16:19 05 Feb 2003

Thanks to everybody who responded to my post.

  anchor 17:06 05 Feb 2003


What news of your repaired monitor?.

  Stuartli 18:36 05 Feb 2003

You've confirmed exactly what I stated about Mitsubish - it's a very reputable company.

You've had two years' service from one of its products, it's gone faulty, they've attempted to repair it and, finally, replaced it with a brand new, presumably latest model......

Mitsubishi monitors are also rebadged by major system manufacturers such as Dell etc.

  Pappyon 18:58 08 Feb 2003

My monitor is being returned on Monday (the 10th). I was phoned by Mitsubishi on Friday morning. I didn't know anybody had posted to this thread again. I didn't receive the usual automatic notification or I would have posted back here. It happens to me quite a lot.

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