anybody got a packard bell

  revolver ocelot 23:37 14 Jul 2003

has any1 who bought a packard bell and lost there master cd and bought a master cd of them, how long did it roughly take for it to reach u?

i bought a master cd and been waiting for 2 weeks and they siad it would take 1 week.

its pi**ing me off, cos they lied on the phone, ive e-mailed them to ask and they havent replied, and ive paid for something i havent recieved. damn packard bell

  davidg_richmond 00:09 15 Jul 2003

The last time I heard of a customer ordering a replacement CD it was about two weeks, so it hopefully won't be much longer.

  powerless 00:15 15 Jul 2003

Not a CD but the boot floppy took a few days.

  lelole 03:07 15 Jul 2003

No help to you, but I'm fed up with packard bell too. Have had mine for 4 years and have done nothing but system restore it every month or two, have just spent 8 hours trying to sort it out, because I have an interview, and the helpline is useless!

Vent over...


  bab5 06:04 15 Jul 2003

revolver ocelot,

Why not just buy a full windows disk and then download the drivers from the PB website, that might be less hassel in the long run.


  revolver ocelot 07:12 15 Jul 2003

i've tried that, went into bios and booted from cd becuase it says there is a missing file if i try from windows floppy startup disk, when it reads the windows cd it says invalid system disk

hopefully it will come sometime this week. :)

  y_not 06:10 16 Jul 2003

I had Packard Bell - the best thing about it was how fast I learned the inner workings of a PC!

If you want to load a windows CD (which is 1000% better then the PacBell install disk) download a 98 boot disk and boot to an A:> then FDISK and delete ALL the partitions (use option 4 to see them all) PacBell seem to delight in putting rubbish there.

Reinstalling their install disk will, in my opinion, just cause you more headaches in the future

  emachine 08:55 16 Jul 2003

I bought a Packard Bell Club 78 in August 2000. Had to renew the BIOS backup battery every 16 weeks instead of the 3 years stated in the software. Trouble due to the BIOS in the MIAMI motherboard. To cut a long story short, the base unit went to Holland and when it came back, I had a radio receiver at the end of an 8 foot lead, the other end of which had to be plugged into the serial port. The receiver was tuned to Rugby and set the time and date on the computer!!!! I eventually got Mastercare PCService call to change the PB base unit for the eMachine unit they loaned to me while my PB was in Holland. Full marks to Mastercare in sorting my problem out. No more Packard Bell machines for me.

  gcs_uk 09:29 16 Jul 2003

Slightly off the original question but I just want to add how pleased I am with my PB machine.

I bought it at the begining of 2002 and the machine itself has been problem free. I have had numerous software problems but that has always been my fault.

I have been quite happy with the build quality of the machine as I have been able to add extra memory, graphics card and CDRW without any real problems.

Though I understand that because I have an old type of motherboard (socket 370) that upgrading my Intel Celeron processor is not really an option. And that is my only gripe b/c I would like to fit a faster processor.

Overall though for someone who came to PC's a relative novice the bundle I bought was everything I needed to get started it included scanner, printer, digital camera and tons of software.

Though I do wish I had been provided with an original Windows XP disc. But you cant have everything.

  '(^_^)' 11:24 16 Jul 2003

Again slightly off the original question
OEM systems without a XP CD are a ripp off. People do not realise this when purchasing a PC with XP pre-installed and no XP disc. You do not have the full benefits of a user with a seperate XP disc.
I got round this buy purchasing an XP home edition upgrade disk and installing it on my IMedia system as an Upgrade Installation. This option leaves all the pre-installed software and settings in place.
Have never had a problem since and have never had to use the PB recovery discs.

  davidg_richmond 20:50 16 Jul 2003

I know a lot of you here aren't keen on not getting the full XP CD, and this has been debated countlessly in here, but the vast majority of PB users don't need the CD as they do not use the extra features available. That said, I don't think it would cost PB and others to supply the full CD separately. Recovery CDs certainly take a lot of hassle out of guiding users through a re-install.

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