Any Virginmedia customers on here.

  Govan1x 18:54 28 Nov 2017

Just noticed a day or two ago that there was something different about my computer.

So thought that I would give it a speed test yesterday and today and found out that I am now getting over 110 mbps download speed and 6mbps upload speed.

My last speeds were 75mbps and I have not paid for extra. So is this just a Xmas thing or can I expect it all the time.

I take it that I am not the only one to get extra speeds free. it could have happened a while back as this is the first speed test that I have run in a long while.


  Govan1x 18:57 28 Nov 2017

Oops meant to put this in the helprrom but this maybe the best place for it.

  wee eddie 19:17 28 Nov 2017

BT just bumped up my speed, but only by a diddy bit, we are not talking of anything like yours. I'm a fair distance from the source

  Aitchbee 19:19 28 Nov 2017

Just checked my virgin broadband speeds. Ping = 9ms, DL = 57Mbps, UL = 12Mbps. The PING & UL numbers are an improvement on previous tests a few weeks ago.

  BRYNIT 20:56 28 Nov 2017

I remember reading an email from Virgin media a while ago stating they were going to increase the speed from 75 to 100 in December but couldn't find it so thought I had imagined it. I Just logged into my Virgin account and found a message confirming the upgrade but will have to wait a little longer.

  Govan1x 23:40 28 Nov 2017


That sounds about right. I may have got a letter or an e-mail but very seldom look at them.

Just found this when searching but unfortunately it does not recognize my account.I am still using the superhub 1

Click Here

  Govan1x 00:07 29 Nov 2017

Nah no upgrade for me. It seems that was only for users that did not have superhub 1 or above.

  mole44 04:55 29 Nov 2017

If it helps i live in the LU4 area of luton my statistics are Ping 0 ms,Download 111.43Mbps and Upload 6.38Mbps i have hub 3 not the best hub it has it's faults that i sorted the Virgin engineers couldn't (Cut me off line after 20 minutes) Puma 6 chipset (Look it up).I think Virgin have gone to 100,200,300Mbps tiers,i used Ookla for my speed test,we've come a long way from dial up have we not.

  BT 08:51 29 Nov 2017

Don't knock it. I'm supposed to be on 150Mbps (via several Free upgrades) but have never got anything near that. I normally get between 40 and 50 on most days but it can vary considerably. I just checked it and am getting 37Mbs at the moment. I've spent literally hours on the phone to the Tech guys and they've failed miserably to improve matters.

  Govan1x 11:11 29 Nov 2017

BT have you tried their forum they are usually quite good at sorting things out. Maybe not the quickest but they get there in the end.

Are you actually connected by their Cable. Just looks like Coax cable. If you are not getting what you pay for and it seems that you are not tell them you want an engineer out to investigate. To high a signal from them or to low a signal from them will interfere with you speeds.

I am supposed to get 75mbps and at the moment getting 110mbts. Whatever I have had to pay for I have never had lower speed. Temporarily had lowers speed but the engineer always fixed it when asked to come out.

I have been with them for about 10 years and probably complained 3 or 4 times that there were problems and fixed every time.

  martd7 11:45 29 Nov 2017


you must have been upgraded and virgin media may have have informed you at beginning of year,Virgin do tend to give free upgrade notice long before its due

I pay for a 100mb virgin media line and like you I get similar results,Download is 108.2 and upload is 6.1

I had email six months ago to say I would be upgraded to the next level free of charge in December,on checking up its been put back to the first quarter of next year

If you want the hub upgrading they will send you one free of charge,ive been on hub3 for about 6 months,ive not had any problems

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