Any views on Advent computers?

  steve263000 08:23 09 Apr 2013

I was looking in PC World yesterday for a Desktop computer and they had an Advent in my price range that seemed good value. 8gb memory with 2T of hard drive and the latest i5 chip, 23" screen with it. It seemed at about £650 good value, but I have heard some poor comments about Advent computers in the past.

Are they getting better these days. I know they are many more out there, but I would appreciate any replies just kept to this one please.

Thanks in advance.

  spuds 11:20 09 Apr 2013

Advent have been around for a very long time, and DSG (Dixons/Currys/PCWorld) are very much involved with that brand.

What I would suggest is that you do a few internet searches on the particular model that might interest you, and perhaps go from there?.

With regards to the price, then try a little haggling, because PCW/Currys might throw in a few extras, if you show you are interested?.

  steve263000 11:24 09 Apr 2013

Thanks for the reply and interest. I will certainly look at that before buying

  chub_tor 12:51 09 Apr 2013

Is this the one? if so it has a decent processor Click Here and scores 8.6 out of 10 with Revoo. When next in PC World ask them about the components inside particularly the brands of the motherboard, the hard drive and the RAM and if you are satisfied do as spuds suggests and haggle. They most likely won't reduce the price but they may give you an extended warranty for free, or some extra software.

  chub_tor 12:55 09 Apr 2013

Should have added that you should ask if it has USB3 ports as the spec doesn't say. It will be an indication as to how recent the motherboard is and if for example you later get an external hard drive that is USB3 you will find that file transfer is much, much quicker.

  HondaMan 16:42 09 Apr 2013

Check it out Here

  HondaMan 16:42 09 Apr 2013

Check it out Here

  mole1944 06:38 10 Apr 2013

I have an Advent desktop, solid as a rock about 12 months old, with well known brands you pay for both advertising and name. Mine has fallen over a couple of time and that was Microsoft related, i will admit it came with a small 500gb drive and I upgraded it myself for a 1Tb one, had a problem with the dvd downloading the operating system on the initial start, phoned customer care new discs put in the post to me free of charge, all a very good machine and runs my FSX at top settings with ease.

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