Any views on 20.1" ViewSonic VP2030b ?

  Minkey1 12:01 25 Jul 2006

Morning all. I'm currently using a 4 yr old 17" Sony TFT screen and with my old eyesite increasingly find myself peering in to it's 1280x1024, resulting in neck ache. Unfortunately with my desk set up I can't really move it closer.

So - what to do ? Being local to CCL I've bought a bit of stuff from them in the past and they've got the Viewsonic VP2030b on a web special at £387 click here#.
Reviews I've seen are mainly positive tho' some unlucky souls have had units with dead pixels.

I work from home so a good, big, clear screen is important to me. I work for an audiobook site and often compare drive contents side by side so the 1600 x 1200 resolution should be good.

Has anyone any experience of this monitor ?

Aside from the extra viewing space, am I likely to see any difference with text ? Will it be bigger/smaller/same/clearer etc ? I know I should go see one but that's difficult at the minute.

I'd be obliged for any comments.


  dontmeshwithme 12:33 25 Jul 2006

I suggest you look at a monitor running at 1600 x 1200 before buying. I use a 20.1" Philips 200W at this resolution and although I find it OK, the text can be small at times. It certainly won't be any bigger than on your 17", however it does give you the option then to increase the font size that windows normally uses and still be able to get as much on the screen as you have been your current sony.....I am not making this very clear I feel. But do yourself a favour and definately look at one before you buy.

  JYPX 12:53 25 Jul 2006

Minkey1 - Reading your post I doubt that you would be happy looking at 1600 x 1200. Do you not have space for a CRT? CCL have a superb 19" CTX (flat screen) for here
Looks great at 1024 x 768 which would be perfect for you.

  freaky 13:52 25 Jul 2006

If you have Windows XP, then you can download from Microsoft 'Clear Type'. This is a small program designed to improve the appearance and readability of text for users of TFT monitors.

You can tailor the appearance to suit your needs.

Give it a trial, but it only works if you have Windows XP !

  Minkey1 14:40 25 Jul 2006

Thanks all for comments and suggestions. I haven't the desk depth for a CRT, and use Clear Type already.

I find this whole question of screen size/resolution confusing. Bigger screen/res = no easier (or even less easier!) to read ? I also use an old 14" Acer laptop which - even more confusingly - will show up to 1600 x 1200, although it's usually set at 1400 x 1050 which is fine - but I am usually closer to it.

If I went back to 1024 x 768 would text be bigger (but less clear) and I'd have to scroll round site pages more ?



  freaky 18:30 25 Jul 2006

The Viewsonic on your link has a screen size of 20.1" and a native resolution of 1600 x 1200. This is equivalent in viewing area to a 23" CRT monitor.

You would be able to use larger font/icon sizes without the screen appearing cluttered. In other words this monitor would be the answer to your problem.

However, I would suggest that you see a demo' in operation before buying.

I also note that it can have up to 4 dead pixels and 10 dead sub-pixels, anything above this then they will replace it. Another good reason for seeing the one you are going to buy first !

I have a 19" TFT which has one dead pixel on the bottom left of the screen. It causes no problem, but if you had 4 dead pixels in close proximity near the centre of the screen, then it would be a problem. A few manufactuers do offer to replace if there is 1 or more dead pixels.

Hope this is of help, please let us know the final outcome.

  Minkey1 19:13 25 Jul 2006


I was a little concerned about the dead pixel policy, although it seems to be an agreed standard rather than CCL's own. My first LCD (15", cost £800 !!) had one in the middle, which was evident on boot up, not in use. My Sony has none. The reviews I've read suggest some buyers have had problems. The unit from CCL is priced as a "Web Only Special" so whether I could nip round and prevail upon them to open a box and power one up I don't know.
I think I'm going to defer this till I've seen the displays on the larger screens and then come to a conclusion.
Many thanks all.

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