Any video editing software that doesn't crash?

  WhiteViper 23:16 03 Dec 2005

I've previously been using Pinnacle version 9 to edit my DV Camcorder movies, but as most of you probably know there is a serious issue with the program 'hanging' during rendering. I've heard similar things about Ulead's software too, so my question is...

Is there a decent video editing package (regardless of cost) thats user friendly, has plenty of menu and transition features and most importantly is stable and doesn't crash ?

  €dstowe 06:30 04 Dec 2005

Try this click here there's a free trial.

  wee eddie 08:36 04 Dec 2005

Have you considered that the problem might be at your end?

For instance:

Getting bored while the job is in progress and starting another task which over stretches the PC.

Your PC is not sufficiently powerful to handle the task/

AV type scans interfere with the task.

While virtually every program will have certain problems, the two you mention have good track records with complaints here.

It is important to check out your system as WEE EDDIE suggests.

As for video editing prorams. Assuming you want to edit home movies then:-

Sony Vegas + DVD Arctitect is rock solid, but not cheap.

Sony Movie Studio I suspect will be as good.

DVD Lab Pro (DVD Authoring) is very powerful. solid and stable.

Adobe Premiere Pro and Encore - very stable you know what your doing. Even Elements is good.

Nero Vision Express, part of Nero suite, is good too.

All of the above have excellent MPEG encoding quality.

You need more flexibilty if you are moving outside of DV AVI.

  Smiler 11:15 04 Dec 2005

As wee eddie has said the problem could be your end. What is your specification?

  Pamy 14:00 04 Dec 2005

what planet are you from?

Software that does not crash on planet Earth?,
you must be having a laugh.


  WhiteViper 23:44 04 Dec 2005

I know it's a big ask to have some software that actually works, but hey we can dream.

Don't think the issue is with the system - I'm running an Evesham system:

Windows XP with SP2
AMD Athlon XP 2800+
512 mb RAM
Nvidia nforce 2 chipset
Radeon 9800 SE video card
160 GB HD (50% free)

If anyone can see anything out of the ordinary here I'd be grateful to hear.

  LastChip 00:20 05 Dec 2005

First, there is nothing wrong with your system, but if the motherboard supports it (and it should do) you would be better off with spending your money on some extra RAM. 1 gig would be useful.

Second, make sure of what you have running in the background. Manufacturers computers are notorious for having all sorts of background applications running, which are not needed when editing video. Not only are they taking valuable resources (video being memory and CPU intensive), they can also cause conflicts trying to access memory space at the same time as the editor.

Also, you may consider physically disconnecting the machine from the Internet whilst editing and shutting down any anti-virus software. It can be a source of trouble when intensive CPU usage is going on. Of course, make sure it is enabled again before connection to the Internet.

  SG Atlantis® 00:20 05 Dec 2005

some extra ram wouldn't go amiss.

  IPA 07:01 05 Dec 2005

My pc has virtually the same spec as yours , the only difference is that I upped the ram to 1gb when I Started video editing. I use Ulead studio 8 and I have no problems with "hanging".
As LastChip says close all running programs that are not needed. The other thing I did was to increase my swap file size to double the size of the ram and also make sure DMA is enabled on the hd.

  De Marcus™ 08:50 05 Dec 2005

Anyone wishing to get into video editing in more depth than the average home user should consider setting up a specific hardware profile if their using windows. The difference is notable.

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