Any Toshiba M60 notebook users?

  zzapper 14:55 21 Nov 2005

Are there any users of Toshiba M60 notebooks here? Are you as fed up as I am with the keyboard?

It's extremely frustrating. The last notebook I had, the keys were so sensitive you barely had to brush them for the key to register, so I was getting lots of extra characters. With this one, they are much stiffer, but sometimes a key fails to register at all even though I seem to thump them equally hard. The problem does not seem restricted to any particular keys. I'm even wondering if it is a software and not a hardware probem.

  Maturin 14:23 23 Nov 2005

My keyboard is fine - it requires less effor than typing on the destop PC at home [netropa] and work [microsoft]


  zzapper 15:07 23 Nov 2005

Did you really type "effor" and "destop" or did the computer ignore the "t" and "k" keypresses? That's just what I'm complaining bout.

  Quicktype 22:11 17 Dec 2005


Yes, I have the same problem. I have a new Toshiba M60 that works fine except for the terrible keyboard. I suspect it is a hardware problem - that Toshiba tried to save money by installing a cheap keyboard. I have two other laptops - Dells - with keyboards that work very well. The Dells are clearly designed as desktop replacements. The Toshiba keyboard is clearly inferior. It is probably not designed for touch typing.

It's very disappointing. I am going to purchase a separate keyboard. I'll certainly never purchase a Toshiba product again.

  Haf 20:52 16 Jan 2006


I was experiencing the same problems..and then, i called toshiba and they replaced it for me. The new keyboard seems MUCH BETTER than the original one. Therefore, my suggestion is for everyone who is having these problems with your keyboard to call toshiba and get it replaced.

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