Any thoughts on potential motherboard?

  Mr Scone 21:22 04 Dec 2003

Am looking to upgrade my system (Athlon 1900XP) with something a little more up to date and wondered if I could get peoples opinions on what would be the best upgrade (on a budget).

I'm looking at a new motherboard to start with and have seen an Asus SoA VIA KT400 ATX A L (A7V8X-X/LAN) from Dabs click here which looks pretty good for the price (£48).

What do people think about this motherboard, and what processor will it support up to. I have had a look on the Asus website and it says that it'll support all Athlon/Duron on 333MHz FSB, but am not sure what this actually means.

Also, if anyone knows of a better processor for a buget buyer (looking to buy another Athlon XP processor) please let me know.

Many thanks in advance


  Mr Scone 17:41 05 Dec 2003


  wags 17:48 05 Dec 2003

What applications do you use/intend to run on your PC as this will influence forum members' advice to you.

  Mr Scone 18:08 05 Dec 2003

I use my PC for a wide range of tasks from playing solitare to playing the latest games; from typing in word (and using ms office) to video editing.

I also watch DVD's and listen to my cd's through my present system. Burning CD's, browsing the internet too.

Will the type of motherboard really make that much difference to the performance of the system? I would have thought that any board that supported the same processor and memory would perform the same.

Thanks for responding wags, any other advice would be greatfully received


  Rayuk 19:36 05 Dec 2003

Seems that it will take up to 3000+XP with any bios.

  wags 23:48 05 Dec 2003

Seems good value to me at £48. As Rayuk has said, it will take a 3000+Xp Barton Core, which is nice !. Also fast DDR 400 RAM.

The MB should certainly make a difference to performance.As you play games, are you just upgrading CPU and MB or graphics card as well ?

  Mr Scone 12:23 06 Dec 2003

Initially, it'll just be the MB and CPU but when my budget allows it i'll get a new graphics card too. Not a top of the range one but again something which balances performance with cost.

The only other thing that i'm unsure of is memory. I have a lot of RAM currently but this is the slower DDR266/PC2100 type. Would there be a considerable difference in upgrading to faster RAM or should I stick with what i've got?

Thanks for your help wags & rayuk.


  Mike574 08:58 08 Dec 2003

I have just upgraded to this mobo along with an AMD XP 2800+ Barton core and it is a good board and will take up to an XP 3000+(FSB333). It is very easy to set up with alot of features if you want to overclock. When I first set up the board I used 1Gb (2x512) of crucial pc2100/ddr266 ram with no problems at all. I have since installed 1Gb(2x512)pc2700/ddr333 corsair ram and again have had no problems. The only down side of the board is the amount of ram you can install. According to the manual you can only have a max of 4 banks of pc 2700(2 double sided sticks/1 Gb) or 2 banks of pc 3200 (1 double sided stick/512 Mb). Also if you fit a cpu with a FSB of 333 then you cannot use pc3200/ddr400 ram as this is due to the limitations of the chipset. pc3200/ddr400 with automatically reduce to run at pc 2700/ddr333. If this is a problem for you then why not consider the ASUS a7n8x-x from click here as it is only 8 quid more expensive. Hope this helps.

  Mr Scone 15:39 08 Dec 2003

Thanks Mike574, it's good to hear from someone who uses the motherboard. I may consider going for the slightly more expensive board as I imagine this will allow better scope for further upgrades and at only £8 more, it's not not too much more expensive.

Thanks again all who have posted. I'll post back again when I have upgraded to let people know how it went.



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