Any Supanet B/B users here ?

  Boris {B<) 14:47 13 Mar 2005

I'm thinking of changing from Wanadoo/Freeserve

Living out in the sticks, I can't get cable.

My existing uncapped Freeserve 576k costs me £27.99/month.

To convert to 1MB, Wanadoo will apparently charge me a one-off fee of £20 + £27.99/month, and then hit me with a 30Gb/month cap.

Supanet will give me 1MB uncapped for £22.96/month !

Are there any reasons for me not to change to Supanet ?

i.e. are there any disgruntled Supanet B/B users out there who want to put me off changing ?

  maz2 18:15 13 Mar 2005

I'm still on uncapped freeserve, although only paying £19.99 a month, before they changed to Wanadoo I phoned for a number to migrate and they reduced my monthly payment and although I'm tempted to go up to 1mb I'll then be capped so I'm staying as I am. On the Supanet subject, I recently connected a modem for a friend and recently asked her how it was going and she said it was great

  jakimo 19:01 13 Mar 2005

This looks like a good deal!

click here

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