Any recommend a good pc for handling large files

  erkmatrix 16:12 15 Feb 2005

Hi I have a 3 years old PC 2600+ 2.09Ghz 512MB Ram 120 gig hard drive and wanted to get more involved with working with adobes photoshop, only my machine struggles madly with files over 100k as soon as I start working with images 300+ppi it starts to really slow down.

I'm after a new pc to overcome this that will handle this faster to enable me to work on my digital art files over 300ppi.

Can anyone recommend a machine that maybe built for the use with photo editing software and handling large files in mind

  Diemmess 16:22 15 Feb 2005

Your spec should be entirely adequate as it is. I think it would be a mistake to replace it without finding what is zapping all that RAM.

I have a friend who uses a slower CPU, same RAM (which is maximum for his Win98SE) and has no bother with some huge Photoshop files. ..... He doesn't have an internet connection. I think there is another reason to see what you can do to avoid running unnecesary stuff in the background.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:25 15 Feb 2005

Your computer should be more than capable of handling any size Photochop files and I would suspect that it needs a few programmes dumping that might cause problems. Have you given it a good cleaning with Ccleaner click here and regseeker click here ? Are you using XP, if you are another 512Mb of RAM will work wonders. Photochop does not need huge amounts of CPU/graphics power but a shedload of RAM is desireable.


  Forum Editor 18:13 15 Feb 2005

you don't need a new computer. You need lots of RAM if you're moving big image files around - your processor is more than capable of handling anything Photoshop is likely to throw at it.

Computers are as fast as the slowest component in the process, and where really big image files are concerned the bottleneck is almost always RAM-related.

  TomJerry 22:14 15 Feb 2005

your PC is faster than the one my daughter uses and she edits pictures much bigger than yours with ease

(1) you may need to defragment the HDD to speed up access, also check if the disk is on DMA mode

(2) the graphicd card may not be able to display quickly

a lot of possibilities

  Modo 22:41 15 Feb 2005

I'd go one further - as always I prefer the brutal approach.

Format the hard drive and clean install. As everybody has said your spec is more than adequate.

I might even question the RAM advice.

We have 5 pc's the only upgrade with computers like your spec where I have seen noticeable speed improvements was a 250Gb SATA hdd with 16mb cache. The difference was striking and completely unexpected.

512 Mb to 1024 only affected the number of applications we could run or hold in the clipboard. To be fair with Photoshop this is a noticeable but not striking improvement - likewise with Ms Publisher.

  erkmatrix 23:33 15 Feb 2005

I've tried the defrag last week, never works, thought it might be a virus, but nothing comes up with housecall Trend Micro online virus scan, tried the hijack this, adware and spybot, still slow, just tried Gandalf's link to ccleaner, don't know much about registrys so was afraid to try that other link incase I lose a vital file. I'm thinking maybe is the graphics card as always had problems since day one with it and games crashing with it.

So maybe I should get a new graphics card, 250Gb SATA hdd with 16mb cache and get another 512MB of RAM. Surely then it would be alright wouldn't it.

  steves100 00:00 16 Feb 2005

your pc it much faster than mine and i have no problems with Tiff files over 14mb only using a 1gig cpu with 512kb Ram and a 32mb graphics card but i have the progame loaded on is own hard drive so its got loads of room to if you must spend some cash get a new drive.

  steves100 00:13 16 Feb 2005

sorry forgot to say i have also put in a raid card not sure if this helps with speed but i ran out of ide slots to put my 4 hard drives and 2 cd drives on.

  erkmatrix 09:33 16 Feb 2005

sorry been a div, didn't mean 100k I meant to say 100mb file. most of the files I work with are averaging 50MB but thats only working with them at 300ppi, I want to start working with 600ppi files so the size will go into over 100 I would imagine.

  wee eddie 09:42 16 Feb 2005

Defrag - It will work.

Turn off screen saver > reopen in Safe Mode > Clear Temp Files etc > Run (I think it is called) Scandisk > Run Defragmenter > If you have not done this for a while, as it appears you haven't, it could take hours to run on a large HDD > Many will advocate you download Disckeeper Light > It's quicker.

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