Any problems with Elonex?

  vector 15:38 06 Jun 2006

Anyone else have any recent experience with Elonex? Maybe put my mind at rest?

I've got an order with them that was due to be delivered this week. I just tried several times to call them to confirm the details and I keep getting a wierd automated message.

Very ominous given the last time I called the sales line I got through in seconds.

A problem you think or me just getting anxious?

  folder4mags 16:22 06 Jun 2006

I deal with Elonex at work, mostly blown capacitors that make the motherboard go to BSOD, motherboard failures, hard drives & chip sets. I could go on but i think you get the point.

We only have about 3,000 Elonex currently working so all are getting replaced when they die. We replace about 10 a week so 300 weeks time we will not have any left!!!!!!!

  Stuartli 17:34 06 Jun 2006

Elonex has been around for a long time and, as far as I am aware, is still one of the quality system manufacturers.

  lavella 17:39 06 Jun 2006

Well, now I do not feel all that confident. I have requested refund for my PC sometime ago and despite many assurances that everything is going to be OK to date I did not receive my money. What is going on?

  WHU 18:27 06 Jun 2006

I ordered an Elonex Artisan about the end of November last year, was told i would have to wait about 4 weeks for my pc, but that it would be delivered before Christmas. It arrived on 23rd Dec as promised. Only had one problem with the machine which was in relation to the Windows Media Centre software which was resolved. Whenever ive had to phone them ive always got through no problems, and i have found them very helpful.
When i hear the horror stories of Mesh on here, im glad i chose Elonex and would have no problems using them again in the future.

  Ranger 19:53 07 Jun 2006

I haven't had one in a few year now, but when I did, it was a solid machine with great backup from Elonex

  wee eddie 19:26 09 Jun 2006

as well as medium to large businesses.

They have had a very solid reputation for reliable but not particularly imaginative PCs. However, I have not been in regular communication with one of their customers for the last couple of years.

  gateway00 10:17 11 Jun 2006

Elonex are in trouble.

They sent me a cheque (full refund for an Artisan) it has bounced. Nobody from the company will respond to my emails, phone calls, voice messages or letter by Registered Delivery.

I have since found out that Computer 2000 have filed (18th May) a "winding up order" against Elonex in the Royal Courts of Justice, which will be heard on the 4th July.

It is likely that Elonex's bankers will have taken steps to 'freeze' their accounts on or soon after the 18th May.

  spuds 10:43 11 Jun 2006

I hope those who have money outstanding, have paid by credit card or a computer finance loan. If so, then contact your credit card or finance company without delay.

  vector 15:29 14 Jun 2006

I don't feel so good.

I've given up trying to call them now. I've only just found out about Elonex through the coverage on this site (thanks for that by the way, keep it up).

I've read the advice in the other threads about this and am going to get onto my Credit Card now.

Thanks for the support guys (and gals).

  anchor 16:55 14 Jun 2006

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