Any ideas what this is, is it a con?

  cadley 23:17 04 Jun 2003

I have just reeived an e-mail telling me someone has listed me on this site click here does anyone have any idea what this site is for, it would seem that the only way to check what is on the site about you is to pay!!

  Forum Editor 23:59 04 Jun 2003

one of the seediest, nastiest, vicious ways of extracting money from people that I have ever come across. It's an example of the depths to which some people will sink in their attempts to make cash - by trading on people's natural sense of insecurity.

So what if someone has reported you to the site - which I doubt. Do you really care? Hardly anyone on the planet is going to see the site in question, and if they do, and they see your name listed there what does it prove?

Forget all about it, and carry on with your life. Don't ever visit the site again.....promise?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:04 05 Jun 2003

' searched for reports on our nanny and was reassured because I found no reports. I have since configured one of my Daily Automatic Searches to search for her name. That way I will know right away if a report is submitted. She is young and impressionable and I want to know if she gets involved in drugs or other things that might pose a threat to my children'...utter hogwash and drivel the writer (if she exists) is clearly ga-ga, taking copious quantities of Bolivian marching powder and away with the fairies to boot.

This one is pure comedy gold and I have just showered the monitor in coffee :-))))).....'At first I was skeptical about Word-of-Mouth.Org because I had never heard of the site and I didn't like the concept, but then I decided to search do a search for the woman I had just started dating who seemed great in every way. She was from out of town and I knew little about her background. I found a couple of reports on her email address so I subscribed to the power user service and sent inquiries to the author of each report. Within a few days I was in contact with an ex-husband, and and ex-girlfriend. I was aghast at the stories they told me about her lying, unfaithfulness, and past drug and mental problems. As a result of their input I decided to break off the relationship. Word-of-Mouth.Org saved me. Thanks Word-of-Mouth.Org!

Consign it to the bin. I assume they got the idea from the fun lovin' Stasi. I am now rendered helpless with mirth...thanx


  Gaz 25 00:07 05 Jun 2003

It is a scam, they know nowt mate. Sites like this need closing.,

  H-J 00:12 05 Jun 2003

...things couldnt be in any worse taste than edible toilet paper, along comes something like this.

  davidg_richmond 00:23 05 Jun 2003

Sounds similar to that site that e-mails you about somebody who fancies you, to find out you have to enter 5 e-mail addresses, then you get strung along. I assume the other e-mail addresses receive the same message and quickly a huge marketing list is gathered.

Very cynical, but this particular site sounds more like extortion. I cannot find any references to it on the net to suggest that it has been around for any length of time.

  Despicable Desperado 00:35 05 Jun 2003

An on-line PI - now there's a novelty. Wonder if they have anything on Tony Blair of John Prescott lol ;-}

  RomQ 04:18 05 Jun 2003



Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:


Domain created on 19-Apr-2003
Domain expires on 18-Apr-2005
Last updated on 29-May-2003"

As FE said, trading on people's natural sense of insecurity. Are there no depths to which people will not sink to make cash? Nope ... guess not!

  RomQ 04:23 05 Jun 2003

"Are there no depths to which people will not sink to make cash? Nope ... guess not!"

Hmmm, I seem to have got stuck in a quagmire of double negatives there! But you know what I was trying to say! :-)

  cadley 07:33 05 Jun 2003

Glad to know that every one thinks roughly the same as I do about the site, and don't worry I won't be paying them a penny or worrying about what is written on there, just hope no one else does either!!
Should I leave this string up for while to warn others?

  Coaster3 09:38 05 Jun 2003


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