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Any idea when i7 prices will come down?

  Bailey08787 17:01 18 Aug 2009

For the past 8-10 weeks or so, I've known that I'll be putting together a replacement pc at the end of August (as I'm passing my current pc on to teenage boy).

At that time, I looked at the i7 cpu + mobo + memory prices and thought that they were pretty - but that by the end of August they were sure to have come down a bit.

Not so - cpu still at the same price - cheapest mobo's still £140 - memory appears to have gone up - a few weeks ago they had 6gb for £60 on ebuyer - now the cheapest I can find is £80.

So I guess the thrust of my query is, is there any point biding my time any longer, as for the past 2 months, prices have come down diddly squat.

(will the release of Lynnfield on 1st Sept really have that much of an effect on pricing?)

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