any with ford transit any good

  polish 19:54 11 Feb 2010

iam looking at changing my van and iam looking at a transit between 1/3 years old does anyone have any experience are they still the back bone of britain

  sunnystaines 20:33 11 Feb 2010

we have a one year old transit converted to a motorhome/camper.

well impressed good fuel consumption on motorways, feels like a car and one of the few vans still on RWD but ford might be changing that soon.

only moan pulling away in first gear needs a few more revs but you soon get used to that.

  Input Overload 21:13 11 Feb 2010

One of the most enjoyable drives there is, great work horses. The Merc Sprinter is also excellent.

  al's left peg 22:00 11 Feb 2010

I drive a Vivaro which is similar to the Renault Traffic and Nissan Primstar. The Vivaro just eats the miles and fuel economy is very good, 600 mile on a full tank with a 900kg load in the back. The Transit is also a very good van although I have heard of a few reliability issues regarding gearboxes, this was more prominent when the latest version was launched. The one I have heard that has poor reliability is the VW Crafter. A friend of mine has driven most of the models mentioned above, but says the best by far are the Mercedes Sprinter and Vito. He absolutely raves about the Vito, says without doubt the best size van on the market. I would buy a Vito if I had the choice.

  polish 22:47 11 Feb 2010

al's left peg currently have renault trafic and while i really like the van i have had quite a few problems and the new one is the gearbox is on its way out which is minimum £1000 to sort and iam not really prepared to spend that on a seven year old vsn the milage is only 59000 and there have just been to many problems for a relatively low milage iam also hoping that if i buy a ford parts maybe cheaper but this isnt the only consideration

  Forum Editor 23:59 11 Feb 2010

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