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Any expriences of dealing directly with China

  bumpkin 22:02 14 May 2015

I would like to know if any other members have bought items on Ebay supposedly from a UK supplier. If a problem arises one is given a link to a Chinese site whom originaly are over apologetic and wish to help. This soon seems to fade away and ridiculous terms become introduced for the return of a faulty item, still extremely polite. Getting nowhere after 2wks I said I would rather throw the thing away and buy another from a different source and would explain to others via a negative posting on Ebay. Replacement item delivered next day. Just wondered if any others have had similar expriences.

  bumpkin 22:04 14 May 2015

No links to Ebay posted by me this is PCA again that has created them

  wee eddie 22:08 14 May 2015

Only one link in each Thread though

  bumpkin 22:14 14 May 2015

Well it should not occur at all in my opinion as it appears that I have put the link in when I have not.

  rickf 11:20 15 May 2015

I have bought from China before and they always arrived OK. I understand though that if goods are faulty then returning them is a problem. Because of this I tend to order things which are not too expensive so that its not too much of a loss if there is a problem.

  Forum Editor 13:41 15 May 2015

Transferred to Tech Consumer Advice from Speakers Corner.

  Forum Editor 13:44 15 May 2015

"Well it should not occur at all in my opinion as it appears that I have put the link in when I have not."

Where's the harm in it? You get to use the forum free of charge, and we stand a chance of making a tiny amount towards the running costs. Seems like a fair deal to me.

  Pine Man 15:24 15 May 2015

Where's the harm in it?

Depends which side of the fence you are sitting.

  Forum Editor 11:20 17 May 2015

Pine Man

I'm not sure I understand you - are you saying that we don't have a right to try to recoup some of the considerable costs involved in running the forum - bearing in mind that all we're talking about here is a harmless link?

  Pine Man 13:02 17 May 2015

Fairly easy to understand really.

If you are on the side of the fence that is generating an income it would seem like a fair deal to you. If, however, you are on the other side of the fence it can be a bit of a nuisance, evidenced by the number of readers using adblocking software.

I do appreciate the need for revenue to fund the site but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

  wee eddie 17:53 17 May 2015

I think that the idea of using 'links' is a good one as it hardly slows the site at all.

Much better than these bit hogging movies that some advertisers use

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