Any experiences with Sony desktops?

  User-468FD7CF-CF64-4532-BB98CDEB14112D6C 12:42 30 Apr 2003

I'm looking to buy a new PC and have seen a Sony Vaio desktop (model RS122) in Comet at a reasonable price and wondered if anybody had any experience of them.

Yes I know self-build is probably better but I do not have the experience.

  anchor 16:54 30 Apr 2003

My son-in-law bought one about 5 months ago, and is very pleased with it. Can`t recall which model.

Thanks for that. I'm seriously thinking of getting one - other Sony products have been great for me so I'm hoping this will follow.

  johnnie_mcdougall 20:39 30 Apr 2003

Hiya, I work for Comet and am in charge of the Grey Goods Department, Sony Vaio Desktops have been very succesful, and personally I like the machines myself (as i type on my Vaio laptop) there has been no returns so far, however the 122 doesn't have a Memory Stick reader, however does have a DVD-R and a fantastic array of software for example Click to DVD a one touch DVD recorder...Fantastic

  wazzup 22:21 30 Apr 2003

I bought the Sony Vaio RX402 just before Xmas, no problems.

Thanks for the resposnse. I'm off for a closer look today. The no returns thing is sounding good.

Is it Comet after care or do Sony provide it.

  rosblot 12:01 01 May 2003

Hi Pandora

I have a Sony Vaio RX203 been using it for 18 months without problem.

Be aware however, that sony do not supply an XP Cd and their installation does not include the windows extra's like Backup. If you require these you have to buy XP a second time for its current full price.

What I would call a right rip-off.

  anchor 12:07 01 May 2003

Who does supply a full XP CD?. As far as I know most PC`s only come with a restore CD, and have done for quite a long time. Sony are not an exception.

  johnnie_mcdougall 23:55 01 May 2003

Well, to be perfectly frank, retailers like Comet get all their backup and help from Sony, the reason being in the good old days, customers used to return their computers saying it had a fault and we'd replace it, that unit would go back to Sony (or relevant manufacturer) and then there would be simple software issues and the company would be charged. The other thing since windows ME was released all manufacturers certainly that Comet sell, do not provide full copies of OS. The reason for this was obvious, no counterfeit. If you are really worried about "backup" either use system restore or buy a copy of Nortons Ghost. any more questions just drop me a line at johnnie_mcdougall at hotmail

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